April 16, 2021

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Tum Se Na Ho Paayega Web Series Trailer Review: The story of a young man from a small town

Jio’s cheap internet data has created chaos among content artists in Mumbai. From the top there is an office of some OTT company present in every third street. Hindi cinema’s actors and technicians have reached their final days. But, in the course of their good days, the audience does not understand, what to see, what to leave and where to avoid being fooled.

The problem with the OTT of Eros is that running it on a smart TV is nothing short of climbing a mountain. Cannot go back to the previous menu. If you want to go directly to the home page while watching a show, it is not there either. So the last option is to avoid surfing on this OTT on mobile. A brilliant concept by Mayank Yadav and Niladri Banerjee has been played by its writer-director Carl. And, in Mumbai, there is a saying that when you think that the bend is over, do not forget to pick up the collar and dance.

This is what all the actors of this small series of web series are doing. Eros had earlier made a comedy series as Side Hero. Comparing the two web series, it is understandable that the masters of Eros believe in the wonders of comedy, but have no idea how to cache it.

A young man from a small town has got a job in Mumbai by recommendation. But the job of big city also brings big mess with it. If we look at the idea level, there is an amazing plot but half-baked artist, thinking of the so-called creative bands of big cities and poor direction on women. If everything was added after subtracting, then it would not happen.

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