April 16, 2021

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Four More Shots Please Trailer Review

Four More Shots Please Trailer Review

Four More Shots Please Trailer Review: Story of physical relationships

Don’t know whose idea clicked first, Veere the Wedding or Four More Shots Please, but the matter is now for Prime Video to compete with Netflix in India. There are crores of mobile users at stake who secretly spend one and a half GB per day of data, sometimes in the field, sometimes behind the school boundary or sometimes watching sub-standard videos sitting alone on the terrace.
What if all this was seen with a little shine and that too with the stars who would do all this on the big screen, at least not visible in India.

So please, Kadradan ends the time of Kikku of Netflix’s Sacred Games of eight hundred rupees month and begins on Prime Video of two hundred rupees month. The series Four More Shots Please connect female empowerment directly with the freedom of bed.

However, this topic is also not something new. Those who know more about India than India also know when this freedom has come in the village, countryside, street, locality. No one sits there on the shore and shouts that yes we too have got the freedom of the body.

If seen, there is nothing shocking in all this. Swara Bhaskar has shown courage in Veere Di Wedding. Sayani Gupta is showing in this series. Why does someone get trapped in someone else’s life? Just following this philosophy, Four More Shots Please tries to take towards the kaivalya of physical relationships. The trailer flutters. The series will definitely be destroyed.

Statutory warning: Do not watch the trailer with the family.

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