April 16, 2021

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Bhram Web Series Review

Bhram Web Series Trailer Review: Kalki is trying to explain herself

After Netflix’s horror web series ‘Typewriter’, now G5 is also ready with its horror web series ‘Illusion’. The teaser of the series has been released, which starts with a small mansion in Shimla.

The teaser begins with a dialogue that Kalki speaks onscreen. After deciding the dialog and the series with Haveli, the next scene of the teaser shows Kalki, the novelist Alisha with her typewriter, and a girl’s soul outside the window. Then the story starts with him and his family having some unseen and unexpected events. This web series will be the proof of how much horror stories have changed after Zee Network’s first series Bhoot Bungalow, shot on television in real haunted locations.

Sanjay Suri and Bhumika Chawla are also seen in important roles in the teaser of illusion. The role playing Kalki’s sister in the series is seen explaining to her, while Kalki is trying to explain it to her. In horror stories, after the appearance of a ghost, one character dies, it clearly shows the teaser of this series. In these teaser highlights, Kalki’s performance is strong and Bhumika Chawla’s hard work for her comeback is also seen.

Sangeet Siwan has tried her hand in horror for the second time after making the horror film ‘Click’ nine years ago. In the ‘illusion’, the background of the hills of Shimla and its background music also seems to help the music. Other than Kalki in the teaser, the other artist who has managed to attract attention is Chandan Roy Sanyal.

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