April 16, 2021

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Abhay Web Series Review

Abhay Web Series Trailer Review

Abhay Web Series Trailer Review: A special task force trying to solve mysterious crimes

Digital entertainment has so much content on OTT that the biggest challenge is to create some new content for the web series. There are dozens of web series on the police searching for criminals. From Lethal Weapon of Prime Video to Blacklist of Netflix, the biggest challenge facing Abhay is how its Hindi content will stand in front of foreign series, which are already on digital with Hindi dubbing or Hindi sub-titles.

The first episode of this web series, made on the concept of BB Singh, who started making thriller series on the small screen, currently does not see anything that is shocking. A special task force trying to solve mysterious crimes. Domestic problems arise under the stress of work. And, a story tangled between these two.

It is not good to make any assumptions about the series from the beginning episode of any series, but from the pilot episode it is believed that at least it determines the graph of the characters and tells the audience about their features. The freshness of the series looks stale at the level of thought. Kunal Khemu is a strong actor.

In the web series, he can do wonders, provided that his behavior is not the same, due to which his career on the big screen is reduced to the number of films, Sandeepa Dhar’s acting is also visible. Background music plays an important role in such a web series, it is expected that the creative of G5 will pay special attention to this. The OTT, which has become number one in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, also has high expectations in the country.

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