May 12, 2021

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State of Siege Season 1

State of Siege Review

State of Siege 26/11 Web Series Review: The story of the Mumbai terror attacks on 26 November 2008

Sometimes it seems that the OTT should also decide the release of the web series by making an organization like the filmmakers in such a way that the viewer does not have too much to see. Asura, Special Ops, Shea, State of Siege are all such series which have been very keen in Indian audience. And, all were released simultaneously. Today, the talk of the G5 series State of Siege, which is directed by American director Matthew Lieutwiller, who has mastered the ability to screen the books.

The specialty of this series made by Contilo Pictures is to keep the entire incident from being filmed while being very close to the reality. During the screening of the story of senior journalist Sandeep Unnithan, its production team, as an advisor, has engaged the services of the same Colonel Sen of the National Security Guards who were also part of Operation Black Tornado to neutralize the terrorist attack on Mumbai.

State of Siege is a timeline-driven web series. If you have seen the special ops, then there is a scene in it, where Himmat Singh informs the terrorists of Mumbai on sea route to the bosses of the country and they keep having fun in the party. The story of the State of Siege begins around the same time and tells how those who put their lives at stake for security in the country are in shortage of security equipment. They also have to listen to taunts, what have they done? On the other hand, terrorists step on the soil of Mumbai.

This series on the Mumbai terror attacks on 26 November 2008 tries to show the situation in all the places of Mumbai which were only victims of the attacks. Taj Hotel, Nariman House Chhatrapati Shivaji, Cama Hospital and Leopold Cafe all keep on coming page by page according to Sandeep Unnithan’s book. Much has been written, told and made on all these. However, it has to be praised by its director Matthew Lieutwiller who did not let the thrill and sensation of it go down in spite of it. The episode made on Ajmal Kasab serves as a litmus test especially for him.

Star India has created Neeraj Pandey’s web series Special Ops for its OTT at a cost of around Rs 77 crore. The G5 did not spend that much money here, but to bring the Commandos to Mumbai in reality, it is also a big task to think of showing the Air Force cargo aircraft used in the series. G5 is also slowly coming in competition with Netflix, Prime Video and Hotstar. In terms of budget, content and making, it has reached the shoulders of all three.

The State of Seas series rests on the shoulders of three strong actors. Arjun Bajwa, who has shown his skills even while being marginalized in cinema, has got a great opportunity to give full detail to his inner artist here. Arjun Bijlani and Vivek Dahiya also influence. But, the most shocking actor is Mukul Dev as the boss of terrorists.

Since the series had to be saved from being more filmy, its director has tried to shoot it mostly under natural conditions. Due to this, some scenes will look blurry, if you are not watching on smart TV, some scenes may not even understand, but despite this, once the series starts watching, it compels the viewer to watch it till the end.

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