April 16, 2021

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Sandwiched Forever Review

Sandwiched Forever Review

Sandwiched Forever Web Series Review: Watch Sandwiched Forever all episodes online at Sonyliv

People understand sitcoms. Hey, situational comedy. The one who is not in ‘Coolie Number One’. In English, English people make sitcoms like ‘Friends’, then on the set, people of all audience types also sit there, to laugh at seeing the shooting. This real laughter is heard again during the broadcast of the program. Hindustan is a bit modern in this matter. You may find the audience missing from ‘Kapil Sharma Show’ laughing in the background of this web series. In the band that has been busy for 10 months, if a series spreads your lips in 180 degrees, it should be considered a big thing. This series gives you a chance to laugh a lot at times. If you are looking alone, then tell the person on the side, otherwise he will understand who laughs like this in the Corona era!

On Indian television, sitcoms have had two to three great scales. Remember ‘Office Office’? Pankaj Kapoor, Sanjay Mishra, Hemant Pandey and Manoj Pahwa Or will you remember Shekhar Suman’s ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’, ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’. If you measure these three parameters, Sandwitch Forever can get a number on all the three parameters. Treatment is a little adult type, otherwise a number could have been found. The show is not a family audience type. But, cool. Think that Just Married a couple will buy an innovative couch for all the love positions and their mother-in-law will come and try yoga postures on it.

The USP of the web series Sandwiched Forever is its story. Poor lazy boy. An electric girl with an electric current. Spying girl’s retired military father. And, his mother-in-law, who takes the guise of astrology for everything. If the boy is from Kanpur, it is a little cultish. Dad talks to plants. Amma is a divorce specialist lawyer. Isn’t the case set. If the boy is ready to marry the girl, then the father of the girl leaves Malad’s ‘Ratti’ flat and asks the Andheri’s ‘elder’ to stay in the flat. The broker makes both of them vacant on the same floor. In Kanpur, the boy’s mother is missing his father, he too comes to live in Mumbai and lives in the third flat on the same floor.

In the series edit, the windows of the same floor flats are used repeatedly for the transition, the rest of this serial does not get stuck anywhere. Except that it gets slowed down somewhere. Rohan Sippy has been slow in the second season of ‘Criminal Justice’ this week. He seems to be leisurely following a new experiment of storytelling. However, it is amazing to shoot a comedy series in the studio during the Corona era. Ritesh Modi has added his in-laws experience to it, and Atul and Zakir have done amazing work to make it playful.

From the point of view of the actor, Kunal Roy Kapur is perfectly fit in the character according to his deal. It seems that Sameer is a lazy type game developer who races with snails, but Naina is not tolerated if someone else says this. That is because he earns EMI. The best angle that the writers of the series have put in it is that the three women of all three houses are busy in some career. Housewives are part time. Men have retired in two houses, the third one who is working is also ‘WFH’.

Ahna Kumra has tried her hand at comedy for the first time in her career and she has a lot of work in theater experience. Lubna Salim’s level is different and looking at Divya Seth, it seems as if her life has passed in Naughada and Hatia. There are 15 episodes in the series and if you see one daily, then there is a lot of spice in the next two weeks. Yes, if the stories are a little realistic in the second season, the fun will be more.

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How to watch Sandwiched Forever all episodes online?

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Where can I watch Sandwiched Forever all episodes online for free?

You can also watch and download online for free at Blockters. You can also download full movie in HD at Blockters.


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Review: Sandwitched Forever
Story: Devang Kakkar, Bharat Kukreti, Pankaj Sudhir Mishra. Screenplay: Devang Kakkar, Vikas Singh
Dialogue: Hitesh Bali. Creative Director: Ritesh Modi. Series Director: Pankaj Sudhir Mishra.

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