May 12, 2021

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Kaafir Web Series Review: The Story of a journalist who goes to find a human-sensitive story at the behest of the channel head

When relations between India and Pakistan are tense and nationalism is dominated on both sides, director Sonam Nair tried to show the hostility between the two countries by humanitarian perspective through the web series Kafir. is.

The story of Kafir begins with Vedanta Rathore, a journalist who goes to find a human-sensitive story at the behest of the channel head. He learns about a young girl whose mother has been in jail for seven years on charges of terrorism. While interviewing this woman, Canaz Akhtar (Dia Mirza), it is revealed that the terrorism charge against her is false and Vedanta then goes out to help her. She has to face opposition from society and family to help a Pakistani woman.

The story of the series shows strength. Through this series, for the first time, the life of a Pakistani prisoner in Hindustani Jail is being shown. In terms of acting, Dia Mirza, Mohit and the rest of the fellow actors have done their job well. After the film Sanju, Diya’s new avatar is being seen in this series. In the first four episodes, Diya has shown the power of her performance. His specialty of telling everything without eyes is heavy on all artists. The series is directed by and cinematography niche.
The story of Kafir as a web series has managed to connect the audience with itself. Its flow seems to be supported by its music. The G5’s web sarees have become very influential due to the new story, superb acting, excellent cinematography and Karnapriya music.

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