May 12, 2021

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Jamtara Review

Jamtara Season 1

Jamtara Web Series Review: A story of young and child criminals

American video streaming company Netflix, which had lured Indian viewers with weak web series like Sacred Games 2 and Bard of Blood last year, does not seem to be getting better in the new year. A set pattern of Netflix is ​​becoming. Before the release of the web series, there was a lot of noise about it and then calmed down by releasing worse than average webseries built on a weak story. It is also discussed in the film industry that Netflix is ​​collecting content with both hands these days, but there is no one in their Mumbai office to test its quality. Jamtara is the second stigma on Netflix’s Hindi content this year after Ghost Stories.

The story of this series is similar to Jamtara’s release on Netflix. This too is nothing less than a kind of phishing from the audience. Whatever content Tipping Films created for OTT Woot has served on Netflix after being rejected at home. Applying mathematics, ie six episodes of 20 to 25 minutes, a two-and-a-half-hour film, which could not be sold, is feared even after a film has been made by making it a web series. The three-minute end credits in the 20-minute episode are also no less than a record.

The story of Jamtara is a story of young and child criminals. Talking like girls on the phone, asking people for credit or debit card numbers and then asking for CVV points and then OTP coming on mobile. Jamtada’s teenagers robbed dozens of people across the country two or three years ago. Everyone knows this story in the year 2020. Everyone also knows that whatever happens, do not tell your CVV number or OTP on the phone. In this context, this web series has expired.

The story of Soumendra Padhi, who made the film Budhia Singh Born to Run, is simply trapped in the throngs of teenagers. This film does not say much about Jamtara. There was a feud between the brothers, a woman IPS officer running in her own department and a female teacher’s collusion with these teenagers. These web series, which hold these three narrative sources, gasp as they come to the end. By then, the watch’s time would have been spoiled and the mood had started to deteriorate as soon as Netflix remembered paying money every month.

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