May 12, 2021

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Hello Mini Season 2 Review

Hello Mini Season 2 Review

Hello Mini Season 2 Review: Watch Hello Mini season 2 all episodes online on MX Player

The new instructions of the central government will not have any significant impact on those OTTs operating in the country who are serving semi-pornographic content indiscriminately. The new guidelines say that the OTT player is responsible for showing age-based content for adults, but these OTT players are still vigorously running web series like ‘Hello Mini’. Watching the ‘Hello Mini’ series is like watching a bad porn movie. All the porn content in the country is scattered on the Internet. Its business has exceeded the total business of Hindi cinema. The problem here is that in this market of nudity, a company like Aditya Birla, the company, Entertainment Entertainment, has also entered.

Seeing such a superficial way of screening the fantasies of Navneel Chakraborty, at times, there is also a feeling that what could have been the purpose of making it. After every two or three scenes, there is a problem in front of the heroine of the story. And, before knowing what the trouble is, someone starts opening the buttons of jeans on the screen. The hollowness of the story can only be understood from the fact that a girl living in the metro city is intent on going abroad only because her boyfriend has befriended another woman. There is also a game like Pabji in the middle, just the task here to fulfill all the daily pleasure. There is also an attempt to make the show a suspense thriller, but the show is the end, is it not clear till the end.

Goldie Bahl, Shraddha Bahl, Deepak Sehgal and Sameer Nair are the producers of this series. Goldie and Sameer have been big names in the entertainment industry. Why all these people have fallen into the competition of Alt Balaji, the answer to this question seems to be nothing other than earning more at a lower cost. Goldie Bahl has also co-written the script with Navneel. Goldie, who was identified as Sonali Bendre’s husband, had once made a sense of newness in Hindi cinema with films like ‘Bas so sa khwab hai’ and ‘Drona’, but seeing her name associated with series like ‘Hello Mini’ was seen by filmmakers. Shows the compulsion to do anything for money.

The second season of ‘Hello Mini’ can get the title of the weakest series of the year so far in terms of acting. After seeing this, ‘1962 The War in the Hills’ also looks good. I do not understand what was thought to be the character of the heroine of the story. The main character of the series is so confused that until the end it is not understood that it is Erotica, suspense thriller, Murder Mystery or an excuse to show something less than just porn. Anuja is not able to act with Joshi, the rest of the characters are not allowed to act openly.

Technically, the web series ‘Hello Mini 2’ is a very weak series. It seems that after the budget has been allotted to the MX player, no quality check is ever done by their creative team. There is neither the background music nor the lighting is done properly. Effortless darkness and taking advantage of this darkness, try to make the audience fool by episode. Trying to make the product like this on the free OTT audience is dangerous. This is the video material that teenagers are unable to control after watching in the village countryside.

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How to watch Hello Mini Season 2 online?

Though all seasons and episodes of Hello Mini Season 2 will soon get available on Telegram and illegal piracy websites, we recommend you to watch it officially on Mx PlayerAmazon Prime Video comes up with a 30-day trial. During this trial, you can watch as many movies and shows as you want. You just have to sign-up for a new account.

Where can I download Hello Mini Season 2 all episodes online?

You can also watch and download online for free at Blockters. You can also download full movie in HD at Blockters.


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