April 13, 2021

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Gullak Season 2 Review

Gullak Season 2 Review

Gullak Season 2 Review: Watch Gullak season 2 all episodes online

On OTT these days, if someone is working to make clean content, then the name of The Viral Fever can be counted among the leading production companies. The series ‘Panchayat’ made by these people was my favorite series of last year. Jeetendra Kumar, Raghuveer Yadav and Neena Gupta also won the prize for this. Now it has to be seen how its second season is made. TVF procession has passed. All the virtuous people have left the company. The eye was stuck on ‘Gullak’ to see how much of its second season comes as a tinch. If you have watched the first season of the series, then the second season of ‘Gullak’ is weak on its test. Yes, the case is thirty-five for those who are watching for the first time.

The story is of the same Mishra family. UP 16 scooter and bid Kanpur. The people of Kanpur call their city as such, Kanpur. Annu Mishra appears to be a resident of Typical Naugra or Moolganj. And little Mishra who keeps getting kicked by everyone, he seems to have just rolled down the slope of Bajaria police station. Mishra, who works in the electricity department, is so far away from the facility fee and Egyptine sees that the tension of running the entire country is settled in his foreheads. There are also neighboring aunts. That is, mixing all the ‘Jagrana Bua Lautin’ type twelve spices is a setup with fifty six flavors. In contrast to Kajol’s latest entry in the OTT’s abusive competition, the family type series exactly the opposite.

But, the matter has gone a bit wrong since last time. It seems that Gaia gave less milk but if the customer had to give the full five liters, then the makers mixed the water of Bisleri. The real art of writing dialogue is that its flow should be completely disconcerting, it should not be felt that someone is reading and speaking. In the serial and picture language, which is called ‘Bookish Dialogue’, this time it has happened in the second season of ‘Gullak’. The viewer is missing the current this time in an episode of 25 minutes on an average of 25 minutes in ‘Taken for Granted’ style, which people often find with old wiring in the genes of old houses built in such neighborhoods.

As the entire offering of the series has to be climbed in every episode, Mishra family is bound to remain focused on them. But, there is not even a try on waiting, so the fear of what. It seemed that the director wants everything to become a banana for the first time. This time the name of stagnation is not in the series. Its script writers and directors are determined from the beginning to not allow anything to stabilize properly. Dialogues such as disaster, calamity, and bapada are the experiments that seem to be written in reverse planning, assuming the payback was first thought, setup was done later. The use of UP’s typical music in the series could have made it better, but very few people do so much research in the OTT series. Secondly, low-light setup works in black comedy but situational comedy should not be so poor. Who sees poor Sony live by giving 999 rupees a year?

The web series ‘Gullak’ is ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ for those who have not seen the dirt of Kanpur. It is a daily routine for those watching such series on Chinese mobile after getting the data of Jio, where is the comedy in it. Irritating in everything, in every aspect, a classic anecdote of a poor family diverting attention from its troubles, remains in such a comedy, but in this, unless connected in a social manner, the story is destroyed every time it reaches the epilogue. Jameel Khan, Gitanjali Kulkarni seem to be a middle class husband bandwife but their troubles start pricking after a couple of episodes. Why Harsh Maier was made like this, only the writers know, but such a retarded child does not exist in the family of Mishra. Yes, there are many bhukali like Annu Mishra, but they are not so overacting.

How to watch Gullak Season all episodes online?

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