May 12, 2021

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Four More Shots Please Season 2 Review

Watch Four More Shots Please Season 2 Online

Four More Shots Please Season 2 Review: Three educated men arrive to save the life of a girl

Say an account of a drinking house or even further, how is a girl from a rich house? Before anyone else can answer this, let us see that the popular web series of more videos of Prime Video for more shots, please! Who’s gonna make the second season of? Prime Video considers it to be a successful series made by its women. From its creator to its writer, its director and even among its three cinematographers, there is a woman. So it should be assumed that whatever is shown in this series, it must be happening somewhere in India. Even if half a percent of the population of 130 crores is correct and these people also play clap and plate. So let’s understand what are these four pegs of vodka?

From where the story of the last season of Four More Shots Please was left, there is a recap of the previous season before the story of this season moved forward. This means that even its makers do not trust their story that people will remember the story of their last season. Oh brother, if it is a sequel to the hit series, let the little audience understand which wire was left. But no, these are all people next to the audience. At every turn, they believe by telling the old story. The end of the story opens this time in Istanbul. Where three educated men on a phone call from Sid, girls from the capable and so-called elite class, arrive to save her. If you have caught your head on this logic of the first episode of the series, then watching the series is going to be very heavy for you because even half of the first episode of the series is not finished yet.

Pritish Nandi’s company has made this series. Rangita’s name comes as the creator of this series. But the thing to understand is that now it was a time when producers of Hindi cinema who watched the first film in America used to fool the Indian audience. All the people say Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai and ET’s connection made a lot of sense but now with 2020 going on, people in Korana’s Lockdown 2.0 cannot be influenced by Xerox copy of Sex and the City and Little Woman. After watching this series, I am now starting to look like a classic film Veere The Wedding.

The dilemma of completing the book of Damini Rizvi Roy, Anjana Menon’s self-made life with a little man, Umang’s struggle to overcome her broken relationship with her gay lover Samara and Siddhi’s way of killing her inner inferiority For here the habit of mouthing there But, with whom does this not happen? But, is the identity of a higher class girl that he can find solution to all the problems of life by drowning in alcohol and sex. Once this happens twice, then it makes sense, but when the girl makes a habit of it, then her feelings are not real. Absolutely not. Whenever life brings you in your mind, this land looks better than the moon, we still exist in such a romantic world that people walking on the road call the moon world.

Those who make the second season of Four More Shots Please understand that life is not the name of wearing 24 hour designer clothes. And, the web series is not even Ekta Kapoor’s daily soap. It is also not a name for finding dark colors in the name of matching lipstick in every scene, nor is it a name to say ‘Guys’ and ‘Man’ in every other thing to match life with men. Every way of women’s revolt was neither accomplished by abusing men nor by targeting them with their conspiracies. Four More Shots, Please! The director Nupur leaves all four of his main characters as caricatures and this series kills his soul.

Anjana can win by showing a better job than the boss who comments on everything, what she needs to leave the office when she is a lawyer herself. He treats his colleagues like Damini, even though no desk incharge now does. And, she writes a book on the murder of Judge Damodaran. The literature festival drama weakens him here. The characters of Umang and Siddhi also failed to flourish.

Such a bad series on Prime Video is probably the first of this year. After watching the best series like Special Ops on Hotstar, Asura on Voot Select, State of Seas on G5 and Panchayat on Prime Video itself, one of the first MX players was disappointed by Begum, now even more disappointed than Four More Shots Please Because Prime Video Shop is high. If their dishes fade, then there is the misery of wasting time, the pain also rises to which Indian country are they talking about?

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