May 12, 2021

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Ek Thi Begum Web Series Review

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Ek Thi Begum Web Series Review: The story of Dubai criminal Maqsood who wants to spread the heroin business in Mumbai

Even now people who watch movies and web series feel that the rating of IMDb, the data base collecting website, matters. The reality is that if you have only thousands of people in your contact who have an account of buying home goods on Amazon Prime, then you can play the band of ratings of the best films on this website. As recently, Deepika Padukone has openly spoken about her film Chhapak. Deepika is mentioned here because director Vishal Bhardwaj, who has disappeared from the limelight, had once talked about making a film named Sapna Didi about Deepika. Sapna Didi who dreamed of going to Dubai to kill Dawood.

Ek Thi Begum is the story of the same dream. Getting a good story and making a good webseries or film on it are two different things. The first thing is that Ek Thi Begum is not made in Hindi, it is dubbed in Hindi. This series was originally made in Marathi and was dubbed and released in Hindi to make the public a fool in lockdown, but it knows all that is public. Not that the series is not worth watching at all. If we tried to tell the whole story in a short episode, it could have been the best story of the year. This story has only six or at most seven episodes. 14 episodes is too much for the audience.

The story is simple. A disciple of Dawood type Dubai criminal Maqsood wants to spread the heroin business in Mumbai. A grandfather named Zaheer is against it. He is molested by the local disciple Nana of Maqsood. First Nana’s brother is killed and then Zaheer. Zaheer’s wife Ashraf decides to avenge this. In order to justify it, he is shown fighting a legal battle and then becoming a law himself. The story starts from here, later the story revolves in flashback and then comes back there.

The MX player could have created a superhit web series on such a powerful story. However, it is said that there are so many knowledgeable people in the MX player that they themselves go and start teaching the director at the location. The directors who make their series keep on mixing yes like a poor cow and the audience has to suffer. OTT Since the series is free to show for free, you have to face YouTube’s break anytime anywhere. The biggest weakness of the series is its direction. And the weakness of the director is that he does not have the knowledge of episode division, does not know how to move the story forward and does not have enough value to convince the cast.

So the artist is seen taking an angle according to his own camera as soon as the camera is on. Ajay Gehi, who became Maqsood, has so much pride in resembling Dawood that he starts considering himself Emraan Hashmi of Once Upon a Time Mumbai. Nana turned Rajendra is a victim of overacting and Abhijeet Chavan, Police Inspector Tawde, has also got a little more melodrama. Only two actors accumulate in the entire series, one is Ankit Mohan in the role of Zaheer and the other Anuja Sathe in the role of Begum. Anuja Sathe would have got the chance to meet the same series with the actors of Hindi cinema, it would have been different. He put his full force on his side, but came out weak to say Haiya together.

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