May 12, 2021

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Bullets Web Series Review

Bullets Web Series Review

Bullets Web Series Review: Watch Sunny Leone Web Series Bullets on MX Player

For a long time last year, there was a discussion that the e-commerce website Flipkart might buy MX player. Flipkart is also making its own videos to compete with Amazon’s Prime Video, but it needs a strong library. And, this is where the MX player’s pole opens. She has a treasure trove of porn and semi-porn series, not just a library of content of the way. There is a free OTT and people in India are yet to understand that the product they get for free, is actually turning the recipient into a product.

So the MX player has brought its new web series ‘Bullets’ to such viewers of the changing villages, countryside, towns and cities in the data-spending product, who keep watching only such videos on mobile, who dare to watch Hardly to do with family. More material is available on OTT for viewing alone, but there is a need for brains. So this time it is the turn of Sunny Leone and Karishma Tanna to excite the audience, make them see dars of Madhuri and show a little bit of action in between.

The web series ‘Bullets’ is in fact a piecemeal piece of the film ‘Tina and Lolo’, which was started seven years ago. In the coming May, Sunny Leone, who is going to be 40 years old, knows that her appearance has gone to beauty. Whatever she could have earned from her body, she has earned, what she is earning now is a bonus. In the series, he plays the role of Tina, an NRI model, who meets Lolo. Lolo is on a mission and in this mission he has to expose the motives of the corrupt home minister and his henchmen. Tina accompanies him. Both of them actually have to carry out their mission of hiding, but they do not appear in the whole series in the mood to hide anything on the screen.

The credit for Sunny Leone’s entry into the Indian entertainment industry goes to Alia Bhatt’s father Mahesh Bhatt. Since the fall of Sunny Leone, porn cinema in Mumbai’s Oshiwara and Mahada complex has developed into such a huge industry that there is not much time left for the dwarf looks of Mumbai’s main film industry. The web series ‘Bullets’ is also a story from this nursery.

The series ‘Bullets’ are six pieces of a film. Just like it has been before JL50 and Dangerous. The audience for which the film is made has also been received. But to watch this movie in terms of cinema and take time on it is nothing more than mental and physical stress. Neither the story nor the direction of the film. Video editing is also very random.

The songs in the web series ‘Bullets’ are such that Dada Kondke should be blushing. Sunny Leone must now retire in terms of acting. Deepak Tijori should keep in mind that wherever his eyes are looking while shooting, the camera is watching him only. For Karisma Tanna and Vivek Vaswani, there is nothing but infamy in the film as an artist. Not watching this web series is beneficial for health.

How to watch Bullets Season 1 all episodes online?

Though all episodes of Bullets Season 1 will soon get available on Telegram and illegal piracy websites, we recommend you to watch it officially on MX Player

Amazon Prime Video comes up with a 30-day trial. During this trial, you can watch as many movies and shows as you want. You just have to sign-up for a new account.

Where can I download Bullets Season 1 all episodes online for free?

You can also watch and download online for free at Blockters. You can also download full movie in HD at Blockters.


Watching/downloading content from piracy sites is illegal. We are against it. We recommend you to stay away from piracy sites as it may land you in trouble. Always watch/download content from official and legal sites.

Bullets Digital Review: Bullets (Web Series)
Bullets Artists: Sunny Leone, Karisma Tanna, Deepak Tijori, Vivek Vaswani, Daniel Weber etc.
Bullets Director: Devang Dholakia
OTT: MX Player

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