April 16, 2021

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1962 The War in the Hills Review

1962 The War in the Hills Review

1962 The War in the Hills Web Series Review: Watch all episodes online on Hotstar

Talking to actor Abhay Deol is a different experience in itself. They are often in a different zone. On English questions, he narrates philosophy and questions in Hindi are not usually understood or he pretends to do so. One feels the same by watching his new web series ‘1962: The War in the Hills’. These days, this series is a blot in the name of director Mahesh Manjrekar, who is looking for work. It seems that the makers of the series made full bets in the name of Mahesh Manjrekar and neither paid attention to the research of the story nor the making of it.

With the arrival of OTT, all the five fingers of those people have ghetto setting up to the top in one or the other OTT. Good content usually does not go beyond the discussion, story bible, audio pilot, and is released along with content promotion like the web series ‘1962: The War in the Hills’. Watching the series, Hollywood filmmakers can only hold their foreheads who chose certain colors to evoke certain emotions. It is called the palette (color palette) in the language of the film. The entire film is given a special color tone during the edit. Such as ‘Bard of Blood’, ‘Bulbul’, ‘Patalalok’ and ‘Tandava’ have also seen the audience. The color palette of the web series ‘1962: The War in the Hills’ does not work. The color of the war scenes can also be the color of other human sensibilities, only those who make it can tell.

The weak links of the web series ‘1962: The War in the Hills’ are so hard to find what is good in it. Abhay Deol had once become a poster boy of parallel cinema. The heroine of Anurag Kashyap’s Dev D is again with him, but the makers of the series never highlighted the work of the two, because the characters of both are very weak. The biggest drawback lies in the story of this series. The screenplay does not allow any character to freeze. Everyone smiles with the collective feeling of ‘Se Cheese’ and then falls on the cheese. There cannot be a soldier who can kill an animal by hand. A military is also a human being, whether it is from India or China.

In terms of acting, this series can be considered as the weakest series of recent times. TV serials like ‘Paramveer Chakra’ or ‘Fauji’ had set a level of series on armies in India. Now everything has become a ‘victory stubborn’. But seeing the success of the army’s name in politics, it is important for the people who are making a series based on the army to understand that politics has made the voter a product in the country. The products here are her own. The Chinese army looks like a fake at first glance, like the luffongs of South Mumbai. He got a bigger character than Abhay Deol’s acting ability and he was already smashed in the episode.

Such is the failure of a director like Mahesh Manjrekar that he does not wake up the tide of patriotism anywhere in the web series ‘1962: The War in the Hills’. His writing team is very weak. Not a single episode of the entire series could work to awaken human emotions, despite this, efforts have been made to create a back-story like the film ‘Border’, which is on the outskirts of the jawans. The scope of understanding what Karan Rawat might have done with his camera is not left in the series. Everything that is green is gone. Ravani is not there in Hitesh Modak’s music. If you want to spend your weekend without a headache, it is better to skip this series.

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