April 16, 2021

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Zindagi Di Paudi Song

Zindagi Di Paudi Song Lyrics

Zindagi Di Paudi Song Review: Milind Gaba’s new music single

Singer Milind Gaba’s new music single, Zindagi Di Paudi, has been released by TV series, which has slowly made its way among the new generation of listeners who like Hindustani pop through music singles like She Don’t Know and Nazar Lag Gaye. Music says that dard bhare nagme is always the best song, this new music single from Milind Gaba is also a dard song which has become a good song to listen to in Sukun moments.

The scale on which Milind Gaba sings this song written and composed by Nirman is the perfect rhythm for the sad songs. Punjabi singers usually make more of party songs or tampering songs. The honor of women in songs was recently started by Meet Brothers with eighty trendsetters, Milind has developed a good Punjabi music single, moving it forward in his new music single. This is a Punjabi song that can be played in a car even while traveling with family. The lyrics are good and Milind’s voice is also melodious.

T Series has released this song on its YouTube channel. The biggest problem with the music videos here is that there is nothing new in their story boards. The new thing in Zindagi Di Paudi is that here both the hero and the heroine are counting their last breaths and trying to become each other before they die. In the rest of the video, either one of them is about to die. The need for a good and original story for the songs is felt in this music video so that the audience wants to listen to the song as well as the audience.

Millind Gaba’s Zindagi Di Paudi Song
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