April 16, 2021

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tere do naina song

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Tere Do Naina Song Review: A romantic song of Article 15 Movie

Anubhav have contributed a lot to the success of Sonu Nigam’s success. Mumbai’s weatherman lost him in the middle, but forgot his real skills in commercial cinema, first returning home in the country and now in article 15.

Naina is a romantic song that starts slowly from the fields and slowly creeps through the buildings made of bricks and streams of calm water. The effect of the song is also strengthened by the acting of the on-screen artists. The camera moves slowly along the beat and editing is the same as this song should be.

Rashmi Virag has mastered solving heart problems. Piyush Shankar has also decorated music according to his lyrics. The song has an earthy fragrance and also a dispatch of wheat-laden fields. From Saamvre to Bandra, Do Naina Yeh also matches the mood of the season and all the qualities are present within this monsoon’s favorite so

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