April 16, 2021

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Quarantine Love

Quarantine Love Song Video

Quarantine Love Song Review: The feeling will be good in the Corona with this love song

If the name of Mika Singh is associated in a song and if the news is coming of romance with his lover Khanna from a week ago, then feeling is not right. But, the perception changes after listening to it. This change in the singing and singing of Mika Singh in the Corona era is quite pleasant. Miren Chakraborty’s crores of hearts were shattered by Seregama Music’s torture in the voice of Beni Dayal on Vijay Benedict’s brilliant song ‘I Am Disco Dancer’, this song by Mika Singh, some ointment on that pain Does a bit of work.

Quarantine Love is actually an overlay of two famous songs. Mika Singh has sung these two songs without any recourse to Sharafat for a long time, and the ease with which she moves from one song to another is also the real sign of her music. Those who have seen Mika in his early days in Delhi also remember his first album, Gabru, and also remember how much penance he has done in the safety and service of his brother Daler Mehndi.

The voice of Mika Singh is completely different from that of dozens of singers like Arijit Singh. His philosophy is also different. If he sings songs like Quarantine Love, people can get a different feeling in the crowd. Balika Vadhu’s song ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’ is Khair Hai as well as a classic song but unlike her, the song ‘Kahane Hai’ from the less-heard film Padosan has also been sung very well by Mika Singh.

Quarantine Love’s video is fine. Good music does not require any special music video. Still, Manikharan Singh has shot a good video while living indoor, it is a different matter that Chahat Khanna could not get the acting according to the lyrics. Even if the applause is not open to them, what good will it do? Well, leave the video, don’t see this different style of Mika Singh, just listen, the feeling will be good in the Corona era.

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