April 16, 2021

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Khyaal Rakhya Kar Song Review: Aasim Riyaz and Himanshi Khurana’s new music video

Two actors descended from Bigg Boss. The base of each other hinges on both. If both are incomplete and come together, then make the dreams of others also come true. Yes, Aasim Riyaz and Himanshi Khurana’s new music video ‘Khyal Rakhya Kar’ has come in the market and has been covered again as soon as it arrives. Last time the song was from a famous singer like Neha Kakkar, this time the number is a little less famous than him, but the voice of this singer is also amazing.

In the Corona era, when everyone has faded away. All the people have already tasted life. Asim and Himanshi are seen celebrating Diwali in a body of Punjab. From sparklers to diyas and lanterns, Asim Riyaz also seems to have faded in front of glittering glimpses, but while glancing at Riyaz’s eye, Himanshi somehow makes him shiny with him.

This chemistry of Asim and Himanshi is a bonus of this song, the song is strong in itself anyway and it sounds even better if you listen to the video without closing your eyes. Since the introduction of Spotify and other apps in the country, only the value of songs has also increased and the number of people who like music after watching music videos is gradually decreasing. Preetinder’s songs have a distinct feeling, which can take them long distances.

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