April 16, 2021

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dil tod ke hasti ho mera

dil tod ke hasti ho mera Song

Dil Tod Ke Song Review: Remix of dil tod ke hasti ho mera

In every era there is a singer whose voice does not seem to mimic anyone. In the era of original Arijit Singh, even strong singers like Zubin Nautiyal, Darshan Rawal, Yasar Desai leave their song aka dukka. But, B. Prak made natural Khalish in his voice his weapon and created a different fan category. He sings manly songs during his teenage years and is well-liked. His new song has been released by the country’s number one music company T Series, Dil Bhekar Hunsati Ho Mera, Vafaane Meri Yaadogi.

I have written a Chaubola before writing this review. A chawbola of two lions has actually been part of the Hindustani culture of singing. Before the singer came to the original song on Nautanki, Qawwali or any other folk stage, Choubola used to say that the singer used to be very good to keep his attention until the crowd remained calm and focused on the song. When I sang for the first time I broke my heart and broke out of the neck of the singer whose T-series earned a lot of wealth by spreading the fake story in India and making a cover version of her original songs. The name of this singer is Ataullah Khan Esakhelvi. I have told you their story before. The original song of Heart Break Ke Hansi Ho Mera is also in his voice, first listen to it ..

B Prak has sung the new song of the heart break Ke Hansti Ho Mera Wali Hook line of T series released on Wednesday. B Prak’s throat also loses high tone and this is his USP, but when the singer is of Manna Dey’s caliber, then he should also sing the song of Rajendra Krishna and the songwriter of Indiwar’s Caliber. In the latest song of the T series, the attempt to fit the new lyrics with a hook line of an old song for B Prak is loose.

The new pastime of remixing a song is to steal its hook line and write a new song, it is like writing hymns on the meter of film songs, who consider themselves masters in writing songs in the village fields. . By the way, a series of T series on this song of Ataullah Khan has been done in the year 1995 also. The song was then sung by Udit Narayan and was filmed on Krishna Kumar and Shilpa Shirodkar, the uncle of Bhushan Kumar, the current T-series performer. See this another version of breaking heart .

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Now the new song has come, Choubola is also in it, ‘The question was a small one behind which it ruined the whole life. Forget how those two eyes are like books, which I have missed. ”And after this comes the line that, break my heart and laugh, my friends will remember you. The music video also has a clichéd story board here. A lover who looks as smart as Bhushan Kumar’s uncle Krishna Kumar, gets information on the phone about his sweetheart’s engagement with someone else and takes out a motorcycle with a pistol. Then he sometimes looks on the boat, sometimes on the bike. Mashook is having fun with her real lover.

By reading this story board, you might remember Zubin Nautiyal’s recently released song Meri Aashiqui. There he could not go ahead of Kumar Shanu. Here B Praak’s vocalist Udit Narayan does not miss, but interesting Kohli and Manoj Muntashir both fall short in trying to write a new version of a very popular song. I used to give interesting music to a capable musician who composed original tunes, but there must have been some compulsions, some like this…!

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