May 12, 2021

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Hollywood film ‘Top Gun’ filled the youth with such patriotism, 20 thousand applications were flooded for recruitment in the army

Hollywood top-notch actor Tom Cruise’s film ‘Top Gun’ was a film released in 1986, which streamed many records. After more than three decades, its sequel ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ is going to be released on 1 July 2021 this year. The trailer of the film was already revealed.

The film is like a love letter to Aviation, which created many history. The special thing was that the US Navy gave thanks to Tom Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer for their contribution to the Navy by filming the Navy Pilot, which has been given 34 times so far and Tom Cruise has been awarded 35th and Jerry Brookheimer was awarded the 36th Naval Pilot Citation.

Not only this, both could also use this honor in public. He was awarded the same honor that is awarded to an actual naval pilot. Let me tell you that the film ‘Top Gun’ created history not only in terms of earning but also by completing a ‘Secret Mission’ of the American army. The military’s secret mission was to promote patriotism among the citizens, which was accomplished through the film.

There is an interesting incident related to this film. At the time, Tom Cruise’s film ‘Top Gun’ filled the hearts of patriotism among the people with a distinct passion for enlisting in the Navy. Such was the urge for people to join the army that the counter had to be opened outside the cinema hall for their recruitment. According to a report in Time magazine, the Navy had set up recruitment booths in large theaters to capitalize on the success of the film ‘Top Gun’. The army received the most applications that year. According to a report, the number of naval aviators had increased by about 500 percent during that period. Then what was there. The film filled such a passion that within a year, the number of soldiers in the US Army had increased by 20 thousand. The maximum of these 16 thousand recruitments were in the Navy. This information was given in the US Navy magazine ‘Proceedings’.

The screenplay and direction of this film made from a budget of 140 million dollars i.e. 964 crores was not only amazing but the action scenes were also astonishing. Top Cruise also worked hard for this. He did all the action himself. It is said that under the production of this film, very close work was done to understand the nuances of the American Navy. A deal was also reached between the makers and the army for this. The deal was signed between the US government and the producers of the film with a view to encourage the youth to join the Navy, to encourage and create passion for flying fighter planes. This claim was also claimed in all the reviews of the film.

It is said that Tom Cruise, who gave such a big action-packed hit film, did not even know how to ride a motorcycle when he signed this picture. Later, with his action, he established international recognition. He gave the best and action scenes to anyone. He had stated that the entire flying shown in the first trailer was real. The film featured Tom Cruise as Naval Fighter Pete Maverick Mitchell. He was seen flying the fighter jet ‘F-14A Tomcat’. The picture was filmed in such a way that when it was released on screen, it created a new sense of patriotism among the youth of the country. Watching Tom Cruise fly the fighter plane in the air, every audience wanted to provide the same kind of service for their country.

The real fighter jet was used in the film ‘Top Gun’. Air stations of the Navy, Asli aircraft carriers, planes and Asli pilots were used. In return, the film’s producers paid $ 1.8 million to the military. On an average, the makers gave around five lakh rupees per hour. After the film ‘Top Gun’, not only the recruitment applications increased in the US Army, but the script of many films also got flooded. Impressed by the success of the film, many film makers started preparing to make an army-based film. Therefore, about 200 film scripts had arrived in the headquarters within a month to take the consent of the army.

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