April 16, 2021

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Indoo Ki Jawani Movie Trailer Review

Indoo Ki Jawani Movie Trailer Review

Indoo Ki Jawani Movie Trailer Review: A story about finding a fair young man from the dating app

The Story of Mumbai Express, which has crossed Mirzapur and Varanasi stations, has reached Ghaziabad this time. The tragedy in the life of Indoo Gupta, the ‘poor’ of Ghaziabad, is the age at which young women start turning white for careers and jobs. By the way, friends are the only ones who do not leave even in times of objection, but Indoo Gupta’s Mitrani is four tinder ahead of them.

The story is about finding a fair young man from the dating app. Heroine also gets this. But, after that Raita spreads that he does everything from Hyderabad to Karachi. The IQ level of the heroine is that she also associates a boy with liking the film ‘Kali ki kali’ with her being a Pakistani.

In the 2 minute 41 second trailer of the film ‘Indoo Ki Jawani’, director Abir Sengupta has tried his best to reach the theater on December 11 by somehow watching the audience, reawakening on this new ‘Lust Story’ of Kiara and being fascinated by Lapkam Japak Go. The public is also caught sitting at home and wants to go to the theater with the necessary masks within a distance of two yards, but if a film comes such that it is necessary to go to the theater.

Watch Indoo Ki Jawani Movie Trailer Online

Theatrical release of ‘Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari’ last week and ‘Indoo Ki Jawani’ in the coming month looks like the sacrifice is offered on Bakrid. Zee Studios sacrificed one of its Aziz, now it’s Bari T series. There is nothing in the trailer that makes the film hungry. Thake Hare is a repeat music of Micah songs. There are cheap dialogues. The jokes are such that they don’t laugh even if they want to.

Time is not going well for Kiara Advani these days. Where she felt that her stars would shine as soon as the release of the film ‘Laxmi’ with Akshay Kumar and she would at least become a star if not a superstar, but after ‘Laxmi’, now ‘Indoo Ki Jawani’ Seeing the trailer started sympathizing with him. In the trailer, Kiara is seen working hard to somehow make the audience laugh. He may also be successful in the film, but in the trailer he seems to get passing marks only.

Artists: Kiara Advani, Aditya Seal, Mallika Dua etc.
Director: Abir Sengupta
YouTube Channel: T Series

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