May 12, 2021

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Gulabo Sitabo Movie Trailer

Watch Gulabo Sitabo Movie Trailer Online

Gulabo Sitabo Movie Trailer Review: The story Mirza and tenants living in an old mansion

Have you ever been to Lucknow? Or are you ever in a mess with a typical Lucknow-based brother? If the answer is yes, then you will know. If it is not there, then we tell it. Every work in Lucknow is satisfying and if the work is to be insulted then it is done with great care. You do not even know whether the person in front of you is performing your Aarti or indeed your Aarti has been removed.

These two are just like that. If spoken, Mirza and Banke. Two mice cat-like creatures in the film Gulabo Sitabou. Gulabo Sitabo is actually a spectacle in villages, towns and cities of Uttar Pradesh till 30-40 years ago. After dusk of summer afternoon, as soon as dusk turns on, the show-playing drummers play, children gather and the game starts. Baazigar wears a gulabo puppet in one hand and a sitabo in the other hand. There was a game, Gulabo fought a lot, Sitabo fought a lot. If both hands made of wood ringed on each other’s temple, a different rhythm would be seen.

This story is fed by Juhi Chaturvedi in Shugit Sarkar’s directing Bagia. Of the five earlier films that Juhi has written, the director of the other four, except Sky Is Pink, remained Shoojit. The duo’s friendly Vicki starts with Donor and reaches Gulabo Sitabou. In Gulabo Sitabou’s game the entire focus remains within two yards. So the trailer is the same, the tenants living in an old mansion and the owner of the mansion, Mirza, are the real story of the story.

The actors of the film Gulabo Sitabo are both juicy, Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushman Khurana too. Farrukh Zafar is also there, she used to apply mehndi to her hair in the fourth. According to the trailer, food does not appear to be cooked in all houses on June 12. Swiggy and Jomato will probably catch up to speed by then. If you do not have home delivery here, you can have parathas made in advance. Popcorn and so on, fry in the cooker. It is going to be fun.

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