April 16, 2021

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Durgamati Movie Trailer Review

Durgamati Movie Trailer Review

Durgamati Movie Trailer Review: A remake of the hit Telugu film ‘Bhagmati’

In what Hindi cinema’s creative and marketing luminaries call these days ‘Hindi heartland’, an IAS officer of the same Hindi heartland had opened a front from the government directly during the previous Samajwadi Party government of Uttar Pradesh. The officer’s name was Durga Nagpal. The news emerged that the biopic of this officer is going to be made. The name of the film was told, ‘Durgamati’. It was discovered that one such film was being made. The story is also of an IAS officer but the story has nothing to do with Durga Nagpal and is just a remake of the hit Telugu film ‘Bhagmati’. Producers of the film were Bhushan Kumar, Akshay Kumar and Vikram Malhotra.

Akshay Kumar was a third producer of the film ‘Laxmi‘, so is his share in the film. Original ‘Kanchana’ director Raghav Lawrence made the Hindi remake ‘Lakshmi’. Here Ashok, the director of the original ‘Bhagmati’, is making ‘Durgamati’. Due to the lead role of Anushka Shetty, ‘Bhagmati’ has already been seen by all the cinematic people of Hindustani. Some watched with English sub titles, some waited a bit with Hindi dubbing. Actress Bhumi Pednekar now has credibility on the test. Arshad Warsi’s presence in the trailer of the film ‘Durgamati’ is a pleasant surprise. However, the presence of Mahi Gill, Karan Kapadia and Jishu Sengupta does not seem to matter.

The biggest litmus test for the film ‘Durgamati’ would be the remake of a superhit film. How well this film will be able to survive on its original film, most viewers of the Hindi belt will see it accordingly. Bhumi Pednekar is also going to have her first solo exam as an actress in the film. He has a challenge to overcome the drawn line of strong actresses like Anushka Shetty. At the moment, Bhumi does not appear to be reaching even around that streak in the trailer, maybe the impact of her hard work in the film is better seen.

The rest of the film, Ashok, has retained the same characters as seen in his original film ‘Bhagmati’. The casting of Jishu Sengupta and Mahi Gill among the characters of the investigating officers does not look perfect in the trailer, at least. Arshad Warsi has also tried to get out of his current image, how much his character is able to capture the emotions of the audience, it will have to wait till December 11.

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In terms of the trailer, ‘Durgamati’ does not show that energy, gaiety and emotion, due to which, along with its trailer, ‘Bhagmati’ created an atmosphere of curiosity about the film in the Hindi belt.

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