April 16, 2021

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Comedy Couple Movie Trailer Review

Comedy Couple Movie Trailer Review

Comedy Couple Movie Trailer Review: Pooja Bedi returns after nine years

Nine years ago, actress Pooja Bedi, who was last seen in the fifth season of the Telugu film ‘Shakti’ on the big screen and ‘Bigg Boss’ on the small screen, has returned to the cinema again. Pooja has played a strong character in the comedy comedy, which is going to air on G5 on 21 October. Shakib Salim and Shweta Basu Prasad perform stand-up comedy together in the film ‘Comedy Couple’, a story written by Bikas Mishra. The two also love each other.

The trailer of the movie ‘Comedy Couple’, launched in a virtual press conference, has been woven with glimpses of all the untold stories. The trailer features the story of Deep and Zoya. Both are in love. This world of his is not a reality of fantasy. They laugh at what happens between the two, telling everyone to themselves. Then in the middle are his parents, his manager, friends, brokers, meaning that the entire Raita that can spread in a metro city is spread by Raghav Kakkar and Kashyap Kapoor in its script.

Saqib Salim has been seen in a character after a long time, which suits his height. As a comedian, he settles down, becoming in the circle of becoming a superhero. Director Nachiket Samant created the world around Saqib Saleem and Shweta, in addition to Pooja Bedi, there are capable actors like Pranay Manchanda, Adar Malik, Jasmeet Singh Bhatia and Shubha Rajput. Rajesh Tailang is also on average for every other web series and third film released on OTT.

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Seeing the trailer, it makes sense that its creator team has really tried to create something different. If love is in Efrat then you have to laugh at it. If you do not laugh yourself, then a few days later the world laughs. Although love is a romantic feeling, it can bring a smile to the faces of two hearts and also to the people around them in the process.

In this charisma, the amazing cocktail of comedy has become good in the trailer. Stand up comedians these days have kept the entire digital world, knowing how their life is, it would be interesting to know in reality not only in the right film.

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