April 16, 2021

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Tom & Jerry Movie Review

Tom & Jerry Movie Review

Tom & Jerry Movie Review: Watch full movie online on Netflix

Films that have been stalled for over a year are reaching theaters one by one. Action is waiting for the elders. Youngsters are waiting for a good story and children? Entertainment of children has remained a low priority of Indian filmmakers. While animation series such as Bhai Chhota Bheem, Little Singham are seen a lot on TV or mobile, but there is still something big to be done in home based animation cinema for children. ‘Tom and Jerry’ is the first animation movie of the year for Hindustani children growing up with films like ‘The Lion King’, ‘Jungle Book’ and ‘Frozen’. Those who have grown up, it is time to take them back to childhood memories. Tom and Jerry, who have been laughing at people for almost eight decades, have been cast in a story this time, which has a full story like a Hindi film. And, the effect is the same as that of Hindi films made on such stories.

There is going to be a big wedding in a giant hotel. The bride is Bharatvanshi. The bridegroom is English and wants to do everything for his future wife which is his common knowledge about Indian weddings. He arranges for elephants. Asks for peacock to dance The lion also comes. But, there are two more characters in the story before them, Tom and Jerry. Jerry is looking for his new home in the hotel and finds him. Kayla, hired by a fake resume at the hotel, employs Jerry to do all the work. Everything will be a film if the film is there but the problem of this film is that one is longer than the other, secondly there is nothing in its story that will keep the audience interested in the film.

Watching the film has now become of two types. To spend one thousand two thousand rupees and to invest the precious time of life in the darkness of the cinematography to get a complete cinematic experience. Second is to watch the film in the comfort of your home, in which the viewer has the option to watch the entire film in one go or in installments for twenty minutes. The film Tom and Jerry looks more fit in the second category. This film could not get a cinematic experience. Tom and Jerry have been fighting for years. Kayla also brings references to it in her dialogues. Those who grew up watching these two battles are watching this film for their childhood memories, but there is nothing in the film that is better than those small cartoon films. Today’s children do not agree with this use of live and animation. He grew up watching Disney movies or growing up. On the scale of both adults and children, the film ‘Tom and Jerry’ fails to fit.

This story happening in the Royal Gate Hotel fails to entertain the children, according to their psychology the takeoff of the film is also wrong. A young woman is dishonest and she is the film’s heroine. It is another thing that later she realizes her mistake and she also shows courage to accept the truth. But the plot of the story could have been chosen better. Director Tim Story has been beaten by the film in terms of the story, the acting of both the main actors of the film, Chloe and Pena, also does not support the film. There is nothing special about Colin Jost in the film. Pallavi Sharda definitely leaves an impact as a Bharatvanshi. For Pallavi, this film is a big knock at the door of Hollywood and her performance in this film is going to benefit them too.

Tim Story as the captain of the film also does not leave much impact. The film’s music is not of universal appeal and the film’s animations are mediocre. The animation of human characters does not communicate to Tom and Jerry while communicating with the characters, corrects the mistake of the previous film on these characters, but the effect is not as it should be. Tom and Jerry’s quarrel does not emerge properly. Yes, the scene of Jerry trying to enter the hotel brings a bit of thrill to the film. Children can get bored while watching a film, and for elders, the film is worth watching in pieces.

How to watch Tom & Jerry full movie online?

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Where can I download Tom & Jerry full movie online?

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