April 16, 2021

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Lahore Confidential Review

Lahore Confidential Review

Lahore Confidential Movie Review: Watch Lahore Confidential movie online on ZEE5

If you have seen the film ‘Aankhen’ by Ramanand Sagar, who made ‘Ramayan’ for small screen, then it will be clear how old is the history of making detective stories in the Hindi entertainment world. A year before ‘Aankhen’, Ravikant Nagaich made ‘Farz’ with Jeetendra. After that there is a long list of detective films, including a spy gun master G9. The character who made Mithun Chakraborty an overnight superstar is from the film ‘Suraksha’. Director Ravikant Nagaich is also here. I am referring to these directors here because director Kunal Kohli also got the highest status of fame from the detective film ‘Fanaa’ and now he came to the lowest point of his career with a detective film ‘Lahore Confidential’ Huh. Since people are watching this movie only in the name of Kunal Kohli, Batta is also the most visible name.

The film ‘Lahore Confidential’ is one of the pre-made films of G5 which have nothing to do with the new management of OTT. Hussain Zaidi has captured this with his first film ‘London Confidential’ shot in the Corona era for G5. But, neither Hussain Zaidi’s talent is seen anywhere in this film nor its other writer Vibha Singh has shown anything special in it that the heart wakes up. The lions of Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Adim Hashmi may have been tried to sprinkle shayari’s perfume in a monotonous film here, but the film’s weakest link is its story and its script.

Seeing the film, it seems that this film has been shot quickly just to make the film. The idea is that its duration is only about an hour, and, it gets a star. If you see this RAW movie, then its writers, directors, producers can summon everyone. However, there is neither any Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub nor any Abbas Ali Zafar. The creators of G5 do not even know that RAW has been a source of India’s intelligence agency working abroad. His agent forgot his work and started getting into the bed of a poet of Pakistan and went to give all the secrets of his High Commission to him. Although this agent may have been able to fix his mistakes in the climax of the film, but the agent of such a short time will also be able to get a field posting in RAW, it seems not.

I almost told the story of the film. Nevertheless, to understand its plot, it is that the film begins with the murder of a man whose past is shown in the entire film on the soil of Pakistan. Richa Chadha is made an agent of Raw who is fond of Shayari. Before Pakistan’s famous program coordinator Rauf (not Rauf) was able to float on her, she flirts with them. There is another RAW agent named Yukti, who is involved in sexual intercourse. Those saddened by Rihanna’s tweet should also express a bit of grief on the thinking of the Hindi entertainment world in which the characterization of their own security agencies has become so ridiculous.

Kunal Kohli has dipped his own name by directing this film. His ‘Ramayana’ has been canned since long, and now he will be able to know where he will go by doing this feat, if he is Confidential. Karisma Tanna does not seem natural except for acting. Richa Chadha does not have serious characters, now he should accept them. Arunoday’s deal is such that apart from the bouncer, no other role will ever be frozen on him, only the future can tell. How can an artist with a lean waist be the boss of Raw, the film’s casting department should ask themselves. If the film passes in a department, it is its art direction and its editing. Even after shooting in Lucknow and Mumbai, it is a matter of praise to assure that the entire story of the film takes place in Pakistan and it is a matter of courage to settle such a lousy film in an hour’s time.

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