May 12, 2021

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Durgamati Full Movie Review

Durgamati Full Movie Review

Durgamati Movie Review: Watch Durgamati full movie online on Blockters and other websites

The film ‘Durgamati’ is the story of trying to discredit, disgrace and then try to make it part of a larger conspiracy by implicating a IAS officer of a state by a central investigative agency. In the film ‘Bhagmati’, this is known to the audience in the film’s climax, the film ‘Durgamati’ puts the entire game in front of the audience. Who is inaccessible, why is a fort of the state cursed, why is anyone afraid to go there and why an investigating agency takes an IAS officer out of such a prison to an isolated mansion for questioning and can it really be done? Is, the film does not try to answer all these questions ‘Durgamati’. Anyway, questioning is no longer in vogue.

The film ‘Durgamati’ is the sequel to a tradition of serving a product in the name of cinema in front of an audience in which a producer puts seed money (a small amount of money required to produce a project) in the film. The second producer comes and arranges to sell it, and then the two together earn crores before the release of the film. How the film was made, how the audience will feel, it does not have much to do with it. Their focus is on selling the product. The viewer comes to the stars and buys the product. The product is bad or good, by the time it is revealed, crores have accumulated in the manufacturer’s vault.

Bhoomi Pednekar’s film ‘Durgamati’ is a bad film in her career. Bad from the first frame itself. There is no fault of theirs in this. The film’s opening is bad. The film is flawed by the way the film opens the story. Two years ago, the audience of the Hindi belt were also desperate to see the original film ‘Bhagmati’. Non-Telugu speaking people have seen the film ‘Bhagmati’ more than what many people in its original language Telugu would not have seen. The film was also very good. But, where Anushka Shetty and where Bhumi Pednekar! Director G Ashok has made ‘Durgamati’ a tenet version of ‘Bhagmati’ this time.

When the film starts, the audience is expected to notice that this film is made with the large participation of Madhya Pradesh tourism. Special thanks are given to the six top officials of the state after that. That means two crore rupees of subsidy. Now after this, the Hindi spoken in the film is from Madhya Pradesh or not. Why the CBI lady officer talks like the British does not know. No one knows why Bhumi Pednekar’s lips are so swollen. Why is Jishu Sengupta acting so poorly in this film, and what else Arshad Warsi is doing in this film? The script of the film ‘Durgamati’ is bad, its dialogues are worse than that. Mahi tries to fast forward the film by listening to Gill’s dialogues. The director has tried to put dynasticism in politics, the issue of Hindutva, the issue of the temple, but when Shrimad Bhagwat Gita’s verse is not complete, the dialogue writer should not raise such issues.

Apart from directing, writing, acting, the film ‘Durgamati’ also excels in cinematography, editing and art direction. Ashok’s technical teammate in the film ‘Bhagmati’ is not with him this time in the Hindi film. Seeing the film, it seems that Ashok may have done a lot of shuffling in the film at the behest of the producers, because only 13 directors of dance can dance so much to change so much in so many departments of a single film. The film ‘Durgamati’ was released on 11 December 2020 i.e. if we sum all the digits then nine is made. Akshay Kumar’s Lucky Number. But, celebrity astrologer Sandeep Kochhar explains, astrology only prepares you for the time to come, the results of your karma cannot change. It seems that Akshay Kumar is in dire need of a better astrologer at this time. Actor Akshay Kumar was beaten in ‘Laxmi’ by Bari producer Akshay Kumar.

How to watch Durgamati full movie online?

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Movie Review: Durgamati
Artists: Bhumi Pednekar, Arshad Warsi, Mahi Gill, Jisshu Sengupta and Karan Kapadia etc.
Director: G. Ashok
Producer: Akshay Kumar and Vikram Malhotra

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