April 16, 2021

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Chaman Bahar Movie Review

Chaman Bahar Movie Story

Chaman Bahar Movie Review: The love story of a single side lover

The show must go on, this is often said and heard. But, as often as it was heard and heard in the entertainment world, it was probably not in any other business. The news of Sushant Singh Rajput hanging from a fan in his house came in the afternoon of last Sunday. As Ruddan and Shok showed on Twitter and other social media for the next three to four days, it seemed that now there may be no work in the entertainment world for 10 days. But, the stars kept giving interviews at their respective homes for their next series or film, releasing their stories one after another on OTT. This much content was not served on OTT even on normal days. On Friday alone, 24 webseries / films of different languages ​​were released in India on OTT.

Yes, two dozen web series and movies. Even if the audience wants a reviewer, they will not be able to see everything. Digital’s hero number one Jitendra Kumar aka Jeetu’s film Chaman Bahar was released in such a crowded and crowded atmosphere. The film hit Netflix at 12 pm on June 19. And, within 12 hours, its hero assumed that all the Indians had passed the film. The press release was also released with all the critique quotes. No Hindi film critic’s name was shown in it. Yes, after mentioning the name of an English reviewer, an attempt was made to convey that Jitendra Kumar has now become a slightly salted chili version of Amol Palekar.

At first, Jitendra Kumar’s character understands Billu. Billu, the only heir to the forest ancestral family, wears a T-shirt with a red-colored Che Guevara photo. And, his biggest revolution is that he left the ancestral profession of Chowkidari determined to be self-sufficient. He narrates the story to his father that he is scared of the bear in the forest who defies the ladies. So leaving the lungi in the square, he wears pants and opens a paan shop called Chaman Bahar. Both of these professions adopt Billu, they do away with Amol Palekar’s aura because none of them is the profession of choice of today’s middle class, yes it is a different thing if compulsion. Those who have played this character of Billu, Rajinigandha, Chhoti Baat and Sanjay, Arun and Vinod’s Salti and Prickly versions of Chichor should see these films again.

Unemployed Billu does not respect his father. He confronts him in talking. But, when he earns, he loves his father. He also brings meat and English liquor to them. At the behest of them, the conversation of the relationship also goes on. But, her favorite pastime is the girl Tarasin. The shopkeepers of small towns, towns and villages are also angry and insulted. And, not only this, but the girl starts to understand her authority over him. He keeps the shop closed to remove the DFO boy from the line. He keeps them busy in the carrom to keep them out of the sight of the herds of lfunders. The master of the school is also shown float on this girl, so he also sends curse to her. Overall, Chaman Bahar’s Gillu turns out to be a Chhattisgarhi version of the big-budget film Kabir Singh.

Billu Panwadi is across this road. He has known people who talk to each other as Daddy Daddy. Some of the younger ones who have become young as soon as born are domineering. One of them has a sports shop, the other has set his career in Netagiri. And, among them all there is a passerby who comes and complains on the complaint of the girl’s father one day. Including Billu Panwadi. From Billu’s face to the backyard, there is a fierce weeping and just from this scene, Billu’s aura made in the entire film becomes a chord. Exactly like Gaitonde sitting on Guruji’s lap.

The film Chaman Bahar is a love story of a paan wale, in which there is no character named girlfriend, yes there is definitely an object of attraction for a single lover. For the first time, Apoorv Dhar Badgaina, who is making a film for the first time, has introduced a teenager by making an object in the film, which is being watched by the people of the city. And, she comes out in the evening at a fixed time to move her dog. Whether or not a review of films like Chaman Bahar is written, the first question is also for a reviewer. But, then it also happens that only a select few film critics who understand the scale of their artwork are like the face of the filmmakers Ram Gopal Varma.

Some things are good in the film. First is the artwork done in its opening credits. The names of the artists and technicians written on the walls, coffer and teen sheds arouse curiosity for the film. Sonu Nigam’s voice also continues in the film, which sounds good. The scene with the hero heroine coming out of the cycle between the leaves of Eucalyptus instead of maple leaves is also good. Nice pairing of Dhirendra and Bhuvan spending the day flattering. Alam Khan plays Shila’s character and Ashwani Kumar in Ashu’s Kiradar. Arco Dev Mukherjee has done a great job in cinematography. If you already have a subscription to Netflix, then there is nothing wrong in watching the film, just don’t expect it to get entertainment like panchayat.

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