March 4, 2021

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Bulbbul Movie Review

Bulbbul Movie Story

Bulbbul Movie Review: The story of a child Bulbbul who married to an aging young man

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Ask any 20-25 year old youth who has seen Hindi films, if he has heard the name of Anvita Dutt, the answer is yes, if you have heard anything, it seems to be heard. Then remind him of his Tashan song ‘Chhaliya Chhaliya Chhaliya, Rooh Chura Loon Main Hoon Aisi Chhaliya’ then the answer will come, yes, shine. Anvita has been in cinema for almost 15 years. Those who keep a close eye on the cinema know and recognize them. But, the new audience remembers the new cinema. No songs and dialogues. In this sense, Anubita Dutt’s directorial debut Bulbbul is her first knock, for the audience of Hindi cinema who believe in the world even more than the stars. A finished story, a strong supporting team and a courageous producer. Anvita’s real flight now starts from Bulbbul.

Bulbbul is the story of the period when Devdas used to go to London to study. Or to say that even a few decades ago. Bulbbul is a child. Married to an aging young man. She considered her brother-in-law sitting in the dolly all the way. What does he know what are the chances of becoming a daughter-in-law? He likes to go out in the gardens with his brother-in-law. But, if the husband does not like these closeness, then the brother-in-law has to go to London. He comes back on the night of Red Moon. The witch has arrived in the story now. Bulbbul’s lover suspects Paro. He does not understand who Chandramukhi is. Even Bulbbul says, all men are the same. And, the only way to teach these men a lesson is death.

Anvita heard this story in childhood. For a long time, it was written in paper and one day when a bulbbul came on the roof and made a scuffle, he felt that this was a sign of turning this story into a film. The cinema of Bandini’s era is his favorite cinema. The character of Rahul Bose is the second pole of his story. Images and reflections in cinema have been used well in this film after a long time. Ravana’s beating of Jatayu, while carrying Bulbbul, carrying Sita behind Indranil, cannot be coincidental. Indranil’s body language is similar to that of Ravana. In the story, Lakshman is Bulbbul’s brother-in-law, Satya, he cannot understand which gardens of his childhood Bulbbul have grown through. His youth wandering in these gardens has come out, but his soul is withering. He simply keeps drawing lines to stop the sister-in-law from visiting the doctor.

The film is directed by number one. And, at number two is the amazing performance of Rahul Bose and Trupti Dimri. ‘Kamal’ would actually be a short word for this stage of acting. It would be better to feel it. Bulbbul makes up for Satya. She also laughs with him. Her face arouses compassion in the torture of the abla condition. And, when she turns black, it looks like Bulbbul’s bully. Bravery is its inherent trait. Fear she awakens at just the right time. Bulbbul’s smile is the bearer of her amazing transformation and when she finally wakes up both hatred and jugupsa, she has become not only Nine Durga but also the second such actress after Deepika Padukone in the current era, Which has the potential to show all the nine juices of the same character in the same film.

The other end of the acting is in this film by Rahul Bose, Ashwini Tiwari, Paoli Dam and Parambrata Chattopadhyay. Parambrata has inherited cinema. Ritvik Ghatak’s DNA has been seen before in such characters. This character is a left-handed game for Paoli Dam and Ashwini Tiwari is constantly trying to get people to notice her hard work. But, Bulbbul’s Saiyad (Fowler) in this film is Rahul Bose’s excellent and double acting. In the characters of Indranil and Mahendra, Rahul Bose’s mix of chiampan, lustiness, longing, jealousy, work, anger and disinterest is a real pleasure to watch in cinema.

The film Bulbbul seems to fulfill the cinematography of the films Pari and Phillauri, reflecting the two earlier supernatural powers of its producer Anushka Sharma. The only problem of this film is that the reason for the revenge that Anvita has put in the story is personal. They have to resort to sexual exploitation of children and domestic violence in order to enslave them. This formula weakens the story. Yes, for a woman called a witch to others, the appearance of a child as black is a reference to a superior status. Another special thing to note in the film is its special effects. Shahrukh Khan’s company has been world level in the case of VFX.

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