April 16, 2021

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Bawri Chhori Movie Review

Bawri Chhori Movie Review

Bawri Chhori Movie Review: Watch full movie online on Eros Now

Aahana Kumra has leaked from the sky in Hindi film cinema. He is neither a star kid nor does he have any god father. Ahana, who is in front of the camera from the TV series ‘Yudh’ with Amitabh Bachchan, is a good theater artist. On OTT, a web series is sold in her name and now with the film ‘Bawri Chhori’, she is also ready to prove that if there is a fairytale story and a good director, then she can carry the film on her shoulder. ‘Bawri Chhori’ is directed by Akhilesh Jaiswal. Anurag Kashyap has left the camp. Thinking is almost the same as Anurag, just the basics of Hindi cinema are not like Anurag’s films every time, he has yet to learn this.

Akhilesh Jaiswal can be an excellent film director, he has once again proved it in the film ‘Bawri Chhori’. His selection of the story is his hallmark of being an out-of-the-box director. This time her story is the story of a young woman who has arrived in London from India to find her husband and kill her and feed her corpse to the pigs. On Valentines Day, such an idea may sound a bit loathsome but in reality it is just a thought. The reason is that Radhika’s husband Abhishek escaped from India with his jewelry, etc. and settled in London. Following her, Radhika, who came to London, is looking for her address and the film ‘Bawri Chhori’ is based on the relationship, the ties formed in this quest. Eventually she also discovers her cheating husband. But, what happens again makes the film a happy ending.

Akhilesh Jaiswal has done two and a half things in this film and two and a half things are bad. The story is well taken, but the script is written very boring. The story of a newlywed wandering in London in search of her husband could have been more interesting if the research of the story had been better. The cutout type characters make the beginning twenty-five minutes of the story very boring. The real story starts from where Radhika and Ana meet. In this sense the casting is also half excellent and less than half average. As a director, Akhilesh tries to make a narrator here, but forgets in the meantime what the film’s heroine turns out to be.

In the cast, the film is completely Ahana Kumra. Google describes his age as 36 years. His age has been removed on the Wikipedia page named after him. But, Ahana needs to make his experience his weapon. If someone has been in front of the camera for ten years and remove the stories of her wandering in a web series like ‘Betal’ in between, then as an actress, she has managed to create her own space. There is a vibrant look on his face. This glow is like a person who lives on the face of a clean person.

Ahana has also benefited from this same quality in Radhika’s character. He is a natural artist. Looks like the character she does. This is the second consecutive time on digital after the web series ‘Sandwitched Forever’ when she has become the focal point of the entire story. They need similar stories even further. Ahana has created a separate space of her own and for this, there is absolutely no need to put unnecessary mother-sister abuses on screen. His own personality is quite cool. Being cool and being rude are different things.

The presence of Vikram Kochhar in the rest of the cast of the film ‘Bawri Chhori’ serves as the catalyst for the story. Sohaila Kapoor also appears for a while in the role of Nani but manages to spread a different color on the canvas at the same time. The character of Rumana Mola does not help the story as much as it should have. It is a cardboard caricature of the children of a British and an Indian. The directors of Hindi cinema should get out of this. The music of the film is worth noting from the technical team. Karthik Ramalingam tried to create something different from the current Hindi cine music and has been successful. The voices of Ratish Shekhar and Yamini Santhanamam have freshness as well as Ravani. The editing of the film could have been better. Amarjeet Singh’s cinematography is excellent.

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