May 12, 2021

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1232 Kms Review

1232 Kms Review

1232 Kms Review: Watch 1232 Kms documentary online on Disney Plus Hotstar

Realizing human sensations and then putting them on screen is the first lesson of TV news journalism. Vinod Kapri has been a journalist by profession. While working in the ‘Amar Ujala’ newspaper, he learned to make human emotions the edge of his pen, and while on all the TV channels, he set up a nursery full of TV journalists who would grow shady wherever the trees were made. One of his documentary ‘Can’t Take This Shit Anymore’, made seven years ago, won the National Film Award for Best Documentary (Documentary). And, if everything is neutral then Vinod is seen getting a National Award for the documentary film ‘1232 km’.

To watch Vinod’s documentary film ‘1232 km’ is to re-live history. Between the first lockdown announced last year and then its ever-increasing juncture, if one of your own is getting stuck somewhere where you are unable to help even if you want, then you may cry many times while watching this documentary And Gulzar wrote, ‘If you die, go where life is …’ Once Sukhwinder Singh’s voice rings, try to stop it, tears are dripping from the eyes.

When Vinod came out to shoot the documentary film ‘1232 km’, he would not have even guessed what he was going to make. He had just left his car like an obsessed journalist. There is a scene in the documentary where Vinod is on the chair. There is a cap on the face. One of the laborers who got out of the cycle to go from Ghaziabad to Saharsa recites them a song on mobile. Admit it that you have hardly heard this song before. Listening to this song, the film’s director talks to the laborer who has become the hero of the film, the conversation will make you cry again.

The lives of seven laborers who lived seven days and seven nights from Ghaziabad to Saharsa are not big. It is 1232 km long. It is not even colorful. That is because on the streets of the country then only two juices of the Natyasastra were visible, fear and compassion. In front of the government machinery, it was unintended. The tension of the officers was removing the soldiers on the workers with sticks. However, Ganga still sends her Majhi as an angel. When the largest temple of Pathak ji’s dhaba is built, then the riders going on bicycle remember not to bow their heads in front of the temple that is not left, nor to pray for the mosque which is seen in the far field. This film tells that a human being should also keep doing such things that he too may sometimes feel in his mind that this is God ..!

To watch the documentary film ‘1232 km’ is to understand its surroundings. It is also a proof of the life expectancy of a human being. When the whole world has become a laboratory of Darwin’s Law ‘Survival of the Fittest’, taking away a camera between them and making such a film is also proof of being a human being. Its editor Hemanti Sarkar has also done a wonderful job in threading the film in a sequential manner. Although Vinod has been following the feature films, but after ‘1232 km’ he has become one of the international level documentary filmmakers, please tell me what to tell …!

Documentary Review: 1232 km
Director: Vinod Kapri
Editor: Hemanti Sarkar
Lyrics: Gulzar
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
OTT: Disney Plus Hotstar

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