October 28, 2020

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Ram Pyare Sirf Hamare Review

Ram Pyare Sirf Hamare Review

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare Web Series Review: The story of Indian culture

As the crisis of the Corona period is decreasing, the fear of the people is ending. Business is also gaining momentum again. And, in the midst of all this, new serials and web series have started coming in the entertainment world too. The first new serial of this season has been launched by Zee TV, ‘Ram Pyare Kehin Hamare’. The show’s first episode, aired by its own company affiliate channel ANDTV’s serial ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’, aired on Monday.

This new show, written by Sachin Mohite and Ranveer Pratap Singh, is another fall of ‘Ram Pyare Sirf Hamare’ serial writing. The show’s purpose is only to present female characters as the subject matter of avarice. None of the female characters are seen in their strong backdrop story, the women of the entire locality are shown hanging over a man who is seen trying to portray his creator as the Kalyugi avatar of Lord Rama.

Ram Pyare Sirf Hamare Trailer

The story begins with the VO of a very poor voice-over artist, who tries to bring Bhopali put and may be successful but Hindi-speaking people living elsewhere in the country are not Can not connect connection. The story is of Dulari, Ram and Koyal. But, there are other female characters in focus. Rama has a saloon, is a wife speaking ‘Aise Kise’ on one thing and is a house-maid who considers herself a Shabri and does not allow Rama to eat or drink without tasting anything.

The third angle of the so-called love story of ‘Ram Pyare Kehin Hamare’ is Koyal coming from Jhansi to Bhopal. Coyle’s entry, which looks like a cheaper version of Sunny Leone, is made in the show as if the show makers have signed up for the show. In such a vulgar manner, a female character is rarely introduced in a show. The show airs at 10.30 pm. If the channel is to broadcast it only as adult content, then it must have a disclaimer at the beginning of the show.

The whole story of ‘Ram Pyare Sirf Hamare’ laughs at Indian culture. Showing actor Nikhil Khurana in Ram’s costumes and offering flowers to the maid of the Shabari-made maid, drinking her tea with Ram’s cup all seem to be overpowered. Speaking of a cuckoo-turned Shamin Manan, speaking ‘Aayee Bade’ seems to be the same as if ‘right caught’ was spoken. The makers of ‘Ram Pyare Sirf Hamare’ have copied all the chromosomes of ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain’, but the soul of the show comes from the earthy smell of Kanpur in that show, it sets the story here in Bhopal Has not been able to do. Kaval, who mimics Surma Bhopali, does not seem to have any benefit in setting the story. Maybe the story is a bit better in the upcoming episode and care should also be taken in acting.

Artists: Nikhil Khurana, Jyoti Sharma, Shamin Manan etc.
Story: Sachin Mohite, Ranveer Pratap Singh
Creator: Sachin Mohite
Channel: Zee TV

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