December 4, 2020

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Poison Season 2 Webseries Review

Poison Season 2 Webseries Review

POISON Season 2 Webseries Review: The game which looked like chess became a game of life and death

The G5 team is excited. It has mastered turning good desi stories into a franchise. This strategy of investing in the right content at the right time has also benefited it a lot. The G5 has made its branding number one in the thriller category from series like ‘Rangbaaz’, ‘Code M’, ‘Abhay’ and ‘Poyzan’ and the new season of these series has the storytelling, style of filming and the cast The selection is all becoming international.

The G5 web series ‘Poison 2’, which came with the tagline #RevengeNeverEnds, seems to carry forward this tradition. It seems as if Jaivir’s soul has returned to take revenge this time by taking Aditya’s costume. Sara, Harsh and Oscar have their own separate passion team. The entry in the story of Aditya Sinhania is bang. Sara is attracted to him. This lame of Aditya works in the moves of the opposing team. Tony’s eye also falls on Aditya. The two also have a shared past. The case takes turns. Isha’s entry occurs in Aditya’s life. The game which looked like chess became a game of life and death. In the middle there are some scenes that speed up the breath, and in some veins there is also a spice that increases the speed of blood.

The web series Poison 2 is the perfect material for binge watching. This is very effective in Aftab Shivdasani’s digital world. He has a charm of his own. Aftab is seen fit in the role of devils behind innocent looking faces. The graph of his character has been kept in such a manner that his writer does not understand what is going to happen till the end. Every episode of the season comes to a stand on such a question that the audience cannot get up except the next episode. This is the victory of its writer Rehan Khan and director Vishal Pandya.

In the web series ‘Poison 2’, its makers have raised the sexuality level of this series quite a lot. This time the director has filmed intimate scenes of the series in a much more artistic way than last season. Rai Laxmi and Pooja Chopra have got a lot of opportunity to show both their performances and their beauty in the web series ‘Poison 2’. This blend of beauty and sensation in the thrill and mystery of the story is also a real weapon of digital entertainment. Throughout the series, Rahul Dev’s character has a different psychological effect. And, his parallel story with the hero of the series keeps it interesting.

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This new offering of the G5 franchise series is the right coconut boiled at the right time. There are some characters in it, some very soft and tolerant. The water of emotions exists with a new boom among the characters in the story. Overall, in this festive season, the web series ‘Poison 2’ is a perfect binge watch.

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