April 13, 2021

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Naxalbari Web Series Review

Naxalbari Web Series Review

Naxalbari Web Series Review: Watch Naxalbari season 1 on Zee5 and other websites

Naxalism still keeps its presence in some form or the other from time to time in about 60 districts of more than half a dozen states of the country. Naxalites are opposed to entry of outsiders in their forests. He is hated by the commercial exploitation of natural assets and believes that the urban people coming to the forests are not only dissolving poison in their lives, but also destroying their age-old traditions. These Naxalites kept fighting in the forest for years, then they came to the cities and started making efforts to deal with the villagers according to them.

The new web series ‘Naxalbari’ aired on G5 gets water from the struggle of these ideas. The action of the series tries to give you the feel of the big screen and its story does not try to stand on any side or fro, this is the biggest attraction of this series. G5’s web series ‘Naxalbari’ is actually a new window to the variety of content available on this OTT. Netflix, Prime Video and other OTT platforms are yet to get the variety of entertainment G5 has made available on its platform in almost all major Indian languages.

Watch Naxalbari Season 1 Online Free

G5’s content compilation Harda is also visible in its web series ‘Naxalbari’. The writers of the series have created a world through collective efforts that you cannot understand sitting in cities or in your safe houses. I have seen the Naxal-affected areas of Dantewada, Bastar in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Maharashtra as well and have to praise the G5 web series ‘Naxalbari’ that its director Partho Mitra has tried very well to keep the series close to reality.

The struggle of ‘Naxalbari’ is a struggle for ideas as well as rights. Moving on from the perspective of STF agent Raghav Joshi, the story gets fertilized by the actual incident in Chhattisgarh, in which a political party was conspired to clear the entire leadership. The tussle between the Naxalite team of Beenu, Pahan, Prakriti and Raghav’s team is well-kept by its writers Pulkit Joshi, Prakhar Vihaan, Amit Babbar, Pradeep Ataluri and Amb Hada. The editing of the series is its real life and Ijaz Gulab’s action gives a very good support to the series.

The whole story of the series is such that you go on watching 30-30 minute episodes of it and five hours of time is left. The music of the series is also quite interesting. The title track and ‘Aadhi Hi Aath Hai’ should also listen to AR Rahman and understand where he missed out on ‘Ravana’. The film’s technological win is its real victory.

In the case of actors, the specialty of this series is that it does not focus on one artist for a long time. But, still Rajiv Khandelwal has been introduced as the hero of the series and he has met this test. He has a special way of playing his character and here too he was able to express the concerns, sufferings of an STF officer with his facial expressions. The second strong character of the series is of Sreejita Das. Tina Dutta also makes an impact in some scenes as Ketaki.

Aamir Ali has his own Aura Mandal and Shakti Anand and Satyadeep Mishra are also remembered as Naxalites. Yes, Narayan Shastri’s character is weak and his acting too. The G5 should try to minimize the use of abuses even in films and series made for its adults, doing so alone does not disturb the minds of those who see such material.

How to watch Naxalbari Season 1 all episodes online?

How can I watch naxalbari season 1 all episodes onlin?

Where can I watch naxalbari season 1 all episodes online?

Though all episodes of Naxalbari will soon get available on Telegram and illegal piracy websites, we recommend you to watch it officially on ZEE5, Amazon Prime Video & Netflix. You can download all episodes in HD. Amazon Prime Video comes up with a 30-day trial. During this trial, you can watch as many movies and shows as you want. You just have to sign-up for a new account.

You can also watch and download online for free at Blockters.


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