October 28, 2020

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Watch JL 50 Season 1 Online

Watch JL 50 Season 1 Online

JL 50 Web Series Review: The story of an orphaned child who wants to find his family

An orphaned child who grows up often sits on the bench of an orphanage and sits there, perhaps to find out who his family is. Then after 35 years he gets a chance to know this truth and that too in the moment when he is being released in an orphanage. I do not understand. Let me explain a little again. Just think what it would be like when the son is 35 years old and, when he gets a chance, go back to meet the mother whom he has been looking for. Have you seen Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar? Or Dibakar Banerjee’s ‘Detective Byomkesh Bakshi’? There is a difference of around six months in the release of both films. Now think about those airplanes which have evidence of flying from airports but there is no information about landing anywhere. Or, about the incident in which a ship was found 35 years after its flight and the bodies of all the passengers were burnt.

The case is a bit tricky. Your head may have started getting heavier. However, what Christopher Nolan left six years ago to spend his life in the world after spending millions of dollars. After the same, his native director Shailendra Vyas has managed to leave the audience in mind despite not spending even a tenth of it. Science fiction films are not just Marvel’s ‘angers’. He can come in front of you by wearing Satyajit Ray’s Feluda’s banner. As the CBI officer Shantanu does in the film ‘JL50’. He goes to investigate a crashed ship in northeast India and discovers that the ship which came out of Calcutta 35 years ago. Meanwhile, another ship is also hijacked, whose hijackers are demanding the release of their leader.

To talk about the film ‘JL50’ in more detail, its original opening is necessary. In spite of this, I am not going into the narrative points of the film, the narrative and its epilogue because doing so will make you enjoy watching the film. So the core of the film is that it is a story of traveling directly through time instead of wandering in periods. How, it will explain to you the character of Pankaj Kapoor in the film. Pankaj Kapoor Once again, he is in the same style that has made millions of fans around the world. His acting is the life of the film ‘JL50’. What goes on inside a detached, innocent, lonely person, who can show or tell someone better than Pankaj Kapoor. He learned theatrics at NCD in Delhi or if he flickers somewhere in Delhi and somewhere in the midst of shining nights, learn the same. But, after years, it is very pleasant to see Pankaj Kapoor in his rhythm. His performance deserves the National Film Award here ..! Especially the scene is worth watching when he represses the mentality of the country. And, his commentary on TV channels fits the Sushant Singh Rajput case on the day-to-day running of Zootampazar.

Anyone who has given an idea to the Sony Liv runners to cut a great film into four pieces and release it as a web series, is not worth working in the OTT business. The film ‘JL50’ is the current film. It is a bridge that allows two generations who like cinema to be tied into one. Today, grown-ups of Gunmaster G9 and Agent Vinod may like this film for the elders and their cinema-obsessed children of Christopher Nolan. Shailendra Vyas may also be criticized here because he explained a subject very easily, but this is his victory. The director’s victory is to understand the audience’s language. Bradley Stuckel’s camera is amazing. He also succeeds in making the viewer the character of the story. The sound design of Rakshit Mistry is also well appreciated and the art direction of Tanmay Chatterjee.

The film’s weak links are just two, one is its music and the other is Piyush Mishra. In the film, Abhay Deol has tried to give his best in his own way. Ritika Anand is seen in a role that can be left together. His stature is different from that of ordinary film heroines, and that is why he chose a character in which he would look good. She performs well. Piyush Mishra has a different fanbase of his own. Piyush, who has been filling his kind of revolution among the youth of ‘rebelian’ type, seems to be spoiled whenever he comes on screen in this film. His over-acting overshadows his talent. The film also stars Rajesh Sharma, though the character could have been written a little better for him. The film or web series is a film in the changing phase of Hindi cinema, where the ears of the audience stand up after listening to the good story. And, this test also comes true. Yes, the epilogue of the film could have been thought a little better, though what is still there is the rewind button of your ‘Sixth Sense’.

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