October 28, 2020

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Watch Hostages Season 2 Full Episodes Online

Watch Hostages Season 2 Full Episodes Online

Hostages 2 Review: Prithvi Singh wants to change the maneuver, but his maneuver turns his back

Shomaker Sameer Nair, who delivered Star Plus’s lead channel Star Plus to the Hindi belt’s ghar ghar and tasted ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’, ‘Because Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ and ‘Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki’ to regular viewers of Hindi serials. Have lagged behind in the game of OTT. In this game, he faces thrillers like ‘Patal Lok’, ‘Bulbul’, ‘Sacred Games’, ‘Ghul’ and ‘Breath’ as ​​well as light-hearted comedians like ‘Ye Meri Family’ and ‘Panchayat’. But, Applause Entertainment is not able to create anything original at the moment and the Hindi remake of foreign serials does not feel like the audience of the Hindi belt.

After receiving a mixed response to Season One of the Israeli series ‘Hostages’, Sameer Nair thought that he would cross the Naiya by betting on his DOP, Sachin Krishnan, this time instead of ‘Elderly’ Sudhir Mishra. Had the second season of the series been just eight episodes instead of 12. Sachin has shown amazing camera work action and tension scenes this season. Due to his lack of control over the narrative detail of the series, he continued to shoot everything he wrote on paper. The video editor kept editing whatever was found on the shoot according to the show flow found on paper. No one has seen that the story is hoisted.

The story of ‘Hostages 2’ is initially true. After the Chief Minister’s kidnapping secret is revealed, Prithvi Singh wants to change the maneuver, but his maneuver turns his back. The building in which this story is mainly run, this is the real weak link of the series. The new trick of making a thriller series by adding a special color palette, which Hindi filmmakers have felt, is also visible in this series. Such directors should see Neeraj Pandey’s special ops again. The mystery and thrill of natural colors is something else. If the director himself has been a DOP, then he should avoid it anyway.

Season 2 script written by Nisarg Mehta, Surja Gianani etc. is the second weak link of ‘Hostages 2’. For 12 episodes this season, Raita has spread so much that the viewer has to sit with a copy pen to understand what the character is doing and why. In one track, there is a conspiracy to murder, in another place someone is dealing billions of trillions, the internal politics of the Intelligence Department is going on. Something has happened that Japan had to go, China had reached, they understood. It is fine that cinema is needed to move the story forward, but when it ends the interest of the original story then it is a danger.

Its cast is the third weak episode of Hostesses 2, after random direction and scattered screenplay. Apart from Divya Dutta playing the role of Ayesha, this time no one else is particularly impressed. Ronit Roy shows and bores the same gesture in front of the camera repeatedly. The casting of Kanwaljit Singh and Sachin Khurana is wrong. Mohan Kapoor is a victim of overacting, Dalip Tahil has lost his charm. Both of them fulfilled the expectations from Shibani Dandekar and Dino Morea. Why Shweta Basu Prasad’s character was created and why she agreed to speak this language, she can tell.

The fourth weak episode of the film is the editing of the series. This entire story could have been easily finished in 8 episodes in a very agile way. And the fifth and last weak link is to put the whole idea of ​​it as an Israeli show. If this story had been made better with the sensations of the Hindi strip audience, then this series could have been a tight series like ‘Jack Ryan’ or a series like ‘Blacklist’. At OTT, this Friday, people are waiting for the next episode of Bad Boys.

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