Aarya Web Series Review: The story is about opium used in the medicine business

There has been an excess of entertainment in the Corona era. All OTT people feel that the public is sitting empty. They will fill up the bucket with web series, digital movies, live telecasts, podcasts, and will be a public bath. Brother, this is not so. Get out of Andheri in Mumbai and see where the public is busy. Okay, if you get time, then she sees the free MX player or G5’s Lalbazar, but why will Sushmita Sen’s public come to see the comeback, that is the biggest question?

The big news this Friday was that Miss Universe Sushmita Sen returned to the screen. Her first Lara Dutta has also hit a century with Rinku Rajguru. This time at the crease is Sushmita Sen. Arya, who made a digital debut of Sushmita Sen with Salman on the song Dilbar Dilbar in Only Tum or in Ishq Sona Hai in Biwi Number One, is a timepass series, neither of which finishes like Neeraj Pandey’s special ops Neither is it like Lara Dutta’s Hundred.

What is most interesting in the Indian web series is to see who gets the name in the series created by writing, it makes it easy to write a review of the series that the real arithmetic and geometry of the whole setup makes sense. Abroad, the author is the creator of a web series. A creator of a foreign series made here can also be a director. Series writers Sandeep Srivastava and Anu Singh Choudhary have written the Arya series by beating Hindustani curry leaves and cloves, cardamom, etc. in the already prepared spices. The foreign series on which Arya has been made, five seasons have been released from 2010 to 2017. It was released in English as Black Widow. Marvel’s Black Widow is not releasing due to Corona, and our own Black Widow Arya Sarin is in front of you.

The story is about opium used in the medicine business. There is a very beautiful but aged household lady in the center who has to handle the business herself after the crisis on her family. She also says that there is no man left in the business. In order to capitalize on women’s empowerment, you have hardly heard of this weak dialogue in any series recently. Arya’s husband is killed by the story and then it is decided one by one which character is on which side of the court. Ram Madhvani, who has made a film like Neerja, got an advertisement of fame chewing gum in which a worker is running before Raja Saheb reaches the dinner table and somehow manages to hang in the chandelier. In the light of its thirty-two, the king has to eat food. But, now every person has moved beyond thirty two.

The problem with storytellers from the advertising world is that every reference they make is Google. They rarely have their own. The story is borrowed. The stars are of cash. It is enough to make auspicious results. So like the profit loss account of the corporate, there are many stars here. You remember someone’s name, some face seems familiar. It seems that the story of Godfather and Breaking Bad has also merged with Penoza. Sometimes it seems that if the film songs playing in the background would not have been played, it would have been a real lethal. There are long episodes, without any mean length.

Since Sushmita Sen’s life has been a little nawabi, little English from the beginning, she does not pay much attention to the readers of Hindi. They are very fond of decorations made in English. She also talks more than these embroidery. He is the heir to the world of aura, a face from Botox. Tincture all the time. It does not seem that his family is in trouble. She gives a look like Kill Bill but she is strongly against letting her dress be stained. Chandrachud Singh is here because of barter deal or he knows for some other reason. He has a very good image captivated by the audience of Hindi cinema, he should not spoil it, it is better for him and his loved ones.

Vikas Kumar’s performance is jarring here. The character of Sikander Kher may have collapsed due to deteriorating tuning between writers. This weakness is also with the show runner. Namit Das, Jayant Kripalani leaves their impact. Sohaila Kapoor, Manish Chaudhary and Alex O Neil also manage to impress. The problem is in the editing of the series. The story starts to get flat as long stretches, thanks to the fact that the next episode goes to the end of every episode, and this is the real victory of this series.

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