March 5, 2021

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Tom Holland Spiderman Franchise

Tom Holland Spiderman Franchise

Tom Holland started shooting for the next film of the ‘Spiderman’ franchise with a new message for whole world through a picture

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The whole world is currently battling the corona virus epidemic. Governments are appealing to people to apply masks on their faces as they move out of the house, but after a long time in the midst of the virus, people have become inattentive. Actor Tom Holland has now taken up the task of convincing people in Europe and other Western countries that the situation is deteriorating.

The superhero Spider-Man, who became a favorite of children and elders after having a fight with a super villain like Thanos, already wears a mask on his face. But, he just helps her hide her identity. To inspire people, he has worn another mask on his face over this mask which will also protect him from the corona virus. Actor Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man in the movies, has shared the picture on social media in which Spider-Man is seen wearing a mask. The caption of this post reads, ‘Wear a mask. I also wear.

‘Wear a mask. I also wear.

With this, Tom Holland has also started shooting for ‘Spider Man 3’, the third film of the Spider Man franchise. This photo, shared on Tom’s social media account, has been released from the film’s set. As per the date fixed by the makers, the film will be released in the month of December next year.

Sources reveal that in this film, Doctor Strange will be seen with Spider-Man as his mentor. The character of which plays the actor Benedict Cumberbatch. By the way, Mentor of Spider-Man is Iron Man but he has died in ‘Avengers- Endgame’. During the shooting of this new film, Spider-Man, the superhero of Marvel Studios, a company making Marvel Comics-based films in the Marvel Cine Universe, Hollywood, is also now asking his fans to apply masks.

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