March 5, 2021

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Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 7

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 7

Tom Cruise stops shooting for ‘Mission Impossible 7’, will decide further after returning from long leave

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In view of the increasing tension on the sets of the film ‘Mission Impossible 7’, its lead actor Tom Cruise has stopped shooting and gone on vacation. The set of the seventh installment of this famous Hollywood franchise had been leading to reports of confrontation between the cast and crew for the past few days. It is being told that Tom Cruise was angry at the film’s crew for not following the rules for the corona virus. When the matter became more tense, he left the film and went on leave indefinitely.

The first news of the altercation came from the set of the film ‘Mission Impossible 7’ when Tom Cruise saw two employees standing in front of the monitor without following social distancing. Tom immediately started abusing them and threatened to be fired from the film. Tom’s scolding had a strong impact when five film workers left for work. Although such tension had arisen earlier on the set, but this effect was noticed only this time.

The reason for this was that this time Tom Cruise’s rage became viral on the Internet towards his employees. In that viral audio, Tom was exhorting the employees of his film Mission Impossible 7 that people are working with him just because people trust him. But, if his own film violates the rules, then how will it convey to the people? All these things were said with abusive speech. When this audio went viral on the internet, the employees could not bear their infamy and five left the film.

Mission Impossible 7 Trailer

Tom Cruise’s attitude was praised and condemned by actors such as George Clooney. Commendation because Tom is also the actor and producer of the film ‘Mission Impossible 7’. So his duty is to protect all his artists and employees from the epidemic like corona virus. Tom Cruise is taking the matter seriously, that’s a good thing. But, the condemnation is because Tom used abuses to scold people. Employees also felt the same thing.

Seeing the whole matter tense now, Tom has gone on vacation. Sources reveal that Tom left without finishing his job on Friday and left with his son in a private jet to Miami. His plan is to celebrate Christmas with his family and return to work only after the festival. The festival is an excuse. Actually, Tom wanted to get away from this atmosphere of the film for some time. He wants the work to start after some time, so maybe things can be fixed by then! The film ‘Mission Impossible 7’ is expected to be released towards the end of next year.

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