April 13, 2021

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Charlie DeMelio

Charlie DeMelio

This 16-year-old girl made a record on TikTok, beating big celebrities with the number of followers

16 year old tiktok star Charlie DeMelio

Chinese app Tiktok may have been banned in India, but its popularity is still intact in other countries. In other countries there are still many people who have used Tiktok to become stars. Meanwhile, America’s 16-year-old Tiktok star Charlie DeMelio is in the news these days. He is in the news for making a special record on Tiktok.

Actually, Charlie DeMelio has got more than 100 million followers on Tiktok. Charlie DeMelio has become the first tick talk star to receive so many followers on this Chinese app. The surprising thing is that Charlie DeMelio has gained so many followers in just a year and a half. He created his account on Tiktok a year and a half ago.

Charlie DeMelio is famous for sharing his dancing moves and lip sync videos on Tiktok. As reported by Verge, this figure from Charlie DeMalio’s followers is two times the popularity of Will Smith, three times The Rock, four times Selena Gomez, five times Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande. Charlie DeMelio has also expressed happiness over his success.

Charlie DeMelio has shared his number of followers of Tiktok on his official Twitter account. Also expressed his happiness. Charlie DeMelio wrote in his tweet, ‘100 million people are supporting me !! Can’t really believe it really is. ‘ This tweet of Charlie DeMelio is also becoming very viral on social media.

Let me tell you that Charlie DeMelio started making videos on Tiktok in May last year. In the US, this app came in the year 2018. Apart from Charlie DeMelio, there are two other Tiktok stars. The number of followers of one of these is around five crores, while the number of followers of the second Tiktok star is close to seven crores.

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