March 5, 2021

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Mission Impossible 7

Mission Impossible 7

Hollywood superstar actor Tom Cruise has returned to shoot his next film ‘Mission Impossible 7’

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Hollywood superstar actor Tom Cruise has returned to shoot his next film ‘Mission Impossible 7’. Tom Cruise has made a comeback for the shooting at a time when the corona virus outbreak is picking up again. Although Tom being the producer of his film, he is trying to take care of the health of his actors and the film’s employees with all sincerity.

A few days ago, Tom Cruise lambasted two of his film’s employees for standing close by because they were not following the rules set by the Corona virus. Tom Cruise reprimanded the employees, abused and even talked about being fired from the film. An entire audio clip of the incident went viral on the Internet. The effect was such that the staff could not bear Tom Cruise’s scolding, and two days later the film’s five employees quit.

Since the end of the lockdown caused by the corona virus, Tom Cruise has started shooting for his film Mission Impossible 7, and his work has been hampered by the virus. While he was shooting the film with his entire team in Italy, 12 members of his film were infected with the corona virus. Because of this, the film work had to be stopped and the producers also suffered. Tom Cruise does not want the corona virus to cause more damage to him, so as the producer of the film, he is taking this problem very seriously.

Tom has made all health-related arrangements for the actors and employees of his film Mission Impossible 7 keeping in mind the corona virus. They have arranged a cruise for their employees to stay so that they do not even touch the epidemic. But, when he saw social distancing being violated on the set, he could not bear it and he reprimanded his staff several times. And then after some time came the news that Tom has left his son to stop the film work with his son to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

Now that Christmas has passed, Tom Cruise is also back again to complete the shooting of the film Mission Impossible 7. The film was already shot in the UK but the studio was owned by Warner Bros. But, now he has started shooting his film by Longcross Film Studios. The film is nearing completion and it is being told that this will be its final schedule. Directed by Christopher Macquarie, the film is currently proposed for theatrical release on 19 November 2021.

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