Zoya Factor Movie Review: The story of a girl who born on the day the Indian Cricket team wins the World Cup

Everyone needs a book these days in Mumbai. Less to read and more to film. Then the book should be done now, a decade old or some other era. Without putting much mind, the producers are just competing to screen one or the other bestseller. The result of this competition is Sonam Kapoor and Dulkar’s film The Zoya Factor, based on the story of the connection between the cricket and commercial films in the novel The Zoya Factor, which came out 11 years ago.

The film begins with The Zoya Factor Cadbury’s advertisement Kiss Me, Miss Me and ends with a message advertising products like Pepsi, Narolek Paints, what is destiny, what do I know, I am a lover of Tadbir. This love story, which runs between luck and luck and tadbir, has all the characters and characters, and these are the characters in the second, third line that keep you from watching the film till the end. Otherwise the film starts eating dives from place to place.

Zoya, born in a military home, is born on the day the Indian Cricket team wins the World Cup, then her father considers her lucky. But, until the daughter grows up, he does not remove the tag of Lucky Charm from her until the Cratecrate Board presents a proposal of one crore to the daughter to become the Lucky Mascot of the team. To show that the family is modern, the son, daughter all drink beer with the father. The father and his friends flirt with the neighboring Mrs. Mishra. And, the daughter falls prey to it while trying to fool the cricket players in a bid to save her career.

When Anuja Chauhan wrote her novel 11 years ago, people must have taken it by the hands, but in 2019 this story seems childish. Director Abhishek Sharma, like Zoya, must have persuaded the film’s producers. By the way, persuading Fox Star Studios to put money into a film is not too difficult. Here too, the whole game is like pushing the file of Jorpal, who was the creator of cricket in the film.

Well, after the story the matter directed it. Abhishek has made an effort to create an atmosphere by making Sonam Kapoor talk to the audience and start the film with the voice of Shahrukh Khan. Sonam Kapoor has also given a lot of footage. Sonam looks as hard on screen as she can. When it comes to trying to act, it doesn’t take long for the case to be like Sunil Shetty. The Fourth Wall (when the artist looks at the camera and talks to the audience) also does not give much support to this character of Zoya. Dulquer has definitely done a good job and Dulkar, like Virat Kohli, has also supported Zoya’s character.

The problem with the film Zoya Factor is that in the film, more bright characters from this pair have been played by Angad Bedi, Sikander Kher, Manu Rishi and Sanjay Kapoor. Papa Anil Kapoor looks and bores for a while. The musical side of the film is better. It is Shankar Ehsaan Loy who can prepare and think of Raghubir Yadav to bring Se on the mic. Arijit has repeated his set pattern here as well.

There are problems in the photography of the film, especially before the climax, the scene of Dulquer’s shoot on the chroma has not been made even right. The film is two hours 14 minutes, yet does not look tight. Many times in life, we keep forcing ourselves to prove ourselves better than others, Sonam Kapoor is going through the same phase. She should do a simple and simple role and by doing this she can easily test herself on her own criteria.

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