March 8, 2021

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Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Wonder Woman 1984 Review: Watch Wonder Woman 1984 full movie online on Netflix

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As time goes on and as the news keeps coming to the corona everyday, going to the theater and watching cinema is nothing short of going to life. But, it is heartening to see that the passion of cinema is rising in people even after this fear. People are reaching out to see the film with masks, gloves and sanitizers. Yes, the movies that have started reaching the theater, it is necessary for them to do the work like keeping their lives on palm At least not for Warner Bros. ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. Apart from English, the film has been released in Hindi and other Indian languages. I have been thinking of watching this film in the theater from the beginning but I wish this movie would have been like the first Wonder Woman!

Just like Marvel Cinematic Universe, Warner Bros. superheroes also have their own Universe. In this Universe, Wonder Woman was first seen in the film ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, then her solo film and then in ‘Justice League’. It has been three years since then while waiting for the fans of this character. It should be noted here that this is not a reboot of any character. This is a character directly confronted with the world after 70 years of World War II. The memories of 1984 are not very old, but the writers of the film ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ did not even take care of these common things.

Before the release of the film, its makers released its opening sequence on social media. The little Diana appears to be ready to test her skills in a big stadium. Wants to join his efforts, his afflictions. But, on the big screen, this film does not show anything that the nearby empty seat can forget the audience. Forget that he has come to spend his hard earned money in the midst of a global crisis. Gal Gadot served in the Israeli army. She has also been Miss Israel. But, these are all things of the past. She is now 35. It is the responsibility of both him and the studio to preserve his charisma.

The biggest minus point of the film ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is the lack of purpose of a superhero like a superhero. Whatever Wonder Woman has to do in the climax here, she has not known how many films and how many superheroes have done. Wherever the superhero who saved the world from a destructive gas, and the destruction of a twentieth century villain who gained strength with stones. This is not the reason for making a film on superheroes! Here the problem is understood in the popularity of this character. When the first solo film was super hit, the studio was forced to make a sequel. But good stories are written with a free mind, not under pressure. The film ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ has all the spice to dazzle children, but the charisma that binds teenagers and youth is not in the film.

In the previous film, bringing back the lover of Wonder Woman, who was killed in a plane crash, is a great trick. But, what will be its global objective? With the altar image of an anthropologist, caution is also not taken in forging the characters of villains in front of Wonder Woman in the film’s story. Thanos is trapped in the stones, here Max Lord is stuck there. This sequel of Wonder Woman, which was brought to the box office by the MCU’s Captain Marvel, is much weaker than its first film. Remember that scene of the first film, when Wonder Woman comes out in No Man’s Land after coming out of the chants. The aura that appears on his face is the real motive of Wonderwoman’s character, no such moment comes until the end in the movie ‘Wonder Woman 1984’.

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How to watch Wonder Woman 1984 full movie online?

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Movie Review: Wonder Woman 1984
Artists: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Christen Weig, Pedro Pascal, Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen
Authors: Patty Jenkins, Geoff Johns and David Callaham
Director: Patty Jenkins

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