April 13, 2021

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Virgin Bhanupriya Movie Review

Virgin Bhanupriya Movie

Virgin Bhanupriya Movie Review: Title of lady Ayushman Khurana

Urvashi Rautela, who debuted in Hindi cinema seven years ago as Sunny Deol’s heroine from the film Singh Sahab the Great, has finally got her slot, for which she was seen trying a lot in her previous film Hate Story 4. Her new film Virgil Bhanupriya can get her the title of Lady Ayushman Khurana in Hindi cinema, provided she can show the courage to do similar leaking films in the future.

Ayushmann Khurrana is the number one star of Hindi cinema to date only because he has worked in Hindi films on topics such as semen donation, sex stabbing, gay lover, body shaming and baldness. Urvashi Rautela started it in the Virgin Bhanupriya by becoming a representative of half the population. The theme of the film is very timely and Urvashi Rautela should be shunned for not allowing the subject to go off the beat in the Great Grand Masti mode. The silence of his character in the story and the expressions of his faces have done his job very well.

The story of the film Virgil Bhanupriya is a cocktail of Dada Kondke’s cinema in Ayushman Khurana type films. The film is only for adults, OTT has said this with the film itself, so do not get excited and play it in front of children on home smart TV. The story of the film is so much that in the problems of a middle class girl having a physical relationship with a boy, a tarot card reader’s statement makes a bitter gourd work at the top. The original idea of ​​the film is very good and its actors have done their work well according to the script, but the need for a good script on such an idea is felt while watching the film.

Urvashi Rautela as Bhanupriya has performed in front of the camera this time keeping herself very restrained and balanced. Even his reaction to Dada Kondke-type bipartisan dialogues over the phone is his victory. The dialogue between Bhanupriya and his duffer father Vijay is also a glimpse of the situation in which humor would arise when a father of the older generation tries to change himself according to the present generation.

The long humor of father’s daughter carrying sanitary pads is such a sample of black comedy, which is going to be mentioned in the coming times. The chemistry that is not formed between Rajiv Gupta and Archana Puran Singh is also a separate chemistry. Rumana Mola’s character goes a little overboard. In the story, the film could have been made better by having a better actress in it. The film is also fine in terms of lyric music and technical aspects.

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