May 12, 2021

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Tuesdays & Fridays Movie Review

Tuesdays & Fridays Movie Review

Tuesdays & Fridays Movie Review: Watch full movie online on Netflix

The second T-Series film of the year, ‘Tuesdays and Fridays’, is seen to be pursuing the same series, under which the company made films like ‘Junooniyat’, ‘Sanam Re’ and ‘Yaariyan’. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s name as producer is also associated with the film ‘Tuesdays and Fridays’. However, the film neither has the charisma like Bhansali nor the music like the tradition of T series films. Two new stars from the film Anmol and Jatalika are making their debut in Hindi cinema. Jatlika is on screen seven years after becoming the runner-up of an international beauty pageant, a fact that also points to the declining level of beauty pageants and the growing difficulties in cinema for her winner or runner-up women.

The story of the film ‘Tuesdays & Fridays’ focuses on the biggest concern of New Millennials. Hero is the author and whose novel has become the best seller. Heroine is an emerging lawyer and believes in living life freely. Both get their eyes on. Hearts also join, but both fear that the iodine of this relationship will not fly soon. So both of them decide that they will remain lovers only on Tuesday and Friday, they will spend the rest of the week like friends. Both of them have also created their own family past so that some love can be given to this love divided in the days of Bajrang Bali and Santoshi Mata.

Director Taranveer has been saying that he started writing the film ‘Tuesdays and Fridays’ some 10 years ago. So far, he has also talked about making 15 drafts of the story, but, between putting so much time in the story, one should have spent two rounds in the areas of the country where the youth is still concerned about their career and whose But the love of youth has not been as big a thing as is usually shown in Hindi films. The film falls on the first rung of the story. The screenplay is more haphazard about the film, as if a chef who came to make Hyderabadi Veg Biryani got stuck on Tehri. The pace of the film is also bumpy, sometimes it goes on high speed and sometimes full speed. If the background stories are to be told, then they must be given time to cook.

In terms of acting, the pressure on the film’s lead pair shows that he can look more fresh and beautiful on screen. In this case, both of them also showed their work hundred percent, but this is a film, not a catalog shoot. Both of them have done some special training or workshop before the shooting of the film, but do not think by watching the film. It is too late for Jatalika to come onscreen and there is not much time left for her. Anmol is the son of a filmmaker and an actress, so if he works hard on his acting then he still has to get more opportunities. The actors playing the character roles in the film have done a better job. Especially the work of Nikki Walia is worth praising here.

The music of the film is the weakest link of ‘Tuesdays and Fridays’. The music of a love story set to launch two new faces makes the film hyped. Taranveer should have at least learned this thing from the success of ‘I love you’. Despite the likes of Bhushan Kumar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali like Kansen and Tansen, both of them can tell why the music of the film is so weak. The film is technically mediocre as well and maintaining the courage to watch it till the end is a big challenge in itself.

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How to watch Tuesdays & Fridays full movie online?

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Where can I download Tuesdays & Fridays full movie online?

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