March 8, 2021

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Torbaaz Movie Review

Torbaaz Movie Review

Torbaaz Movie Review: Watch full movie online on Netflix and Blockters

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When Sanjay Dutt was released from jail the last time, every filmmaker started to make another villain. Producer Sandeep Singh created ‘Bhoomi’. Rahul Mitra created ‘Sahab Biwi Aur Gangster 3’. When it flopped, Sanjay Dutt also marginalized ‘Torbaz’. After this, ‘Kalank’, ‘Pardhanam’, ‘Panipat’ and ‘Road 2’ were all flopped. People liked Sanjay Dutt in these films but these films could not take advantage of the personality of Sanjay Dutt. After half a dozen flops, Sanjay Dutt continued to get cancer treatment. The headlines continued to be collected and the makers of the film ‘Torbaz’ got the benefit of these headlines. Waiting for two years, the film was bought by Netflix for release on its platform.

The film ‘Torbaaz’ may be the last film in Sanjay Dutt’s career as a hero. His further line-up of films is going to be villainous. The film being discussed here is directed by Girish Malik. He also has a stake in the profits of ‘Torbaaz’. When the shooting of the film started three to four years ago, there was a big stir. It became the first Indian film shot in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. More and more headlines were collected from time to time. But, now that this two-hour-13-minute film is released, people have forgotten all those things. A little sympathy remains with Sanjay Dutt in the film, but the hero becomes someone else in the film’s climax, which is the biggest weakness of the film.

Girish Malik made a very powerful film in the beginning of this century, ‘Jal’, after he had a lot of shock to become a hero in films and TV serials. Since the film speaks of social problems, the Indian audience did not take it to heart. After that film, Girish got a second chance to do something in the film ‘Torbaaz’. The story of the film is undeniably wonderful. The background is that of a camp of refugees. Where there are children from families devastated by terrorism. Troubled by his past, a military doctor comes here and finds comfort in the children here. His dream is to form a cricket team with these children. But, there are problems in every good work. She also comes here. The doctor becomes a cricket coach. The kingpin of terrorists does not like this. One of his special children, who blows himself up at a behest and destroys the people around him, becomes a cricketer, not accepted. That’s where the temperature of the film starts rising.

The whole world is currently battling terrorism. Terrorism has ruined the social fabric of many big countries. People now look at people in the neighborhood with suspicion. In the film ‘Torbaz’, Girish Malik touched a very sensitive subject as a writer and wrote a good story with great effort on it. However, he was defeated in script writing and direction. When the director agrees to make his producer an actor simply because he is investing money in the film, then his compulsion can be understood. Direction is the art of dedication to the subject. It cannot flourish between agreements. Girish Malik’s vision is huge, so that even if the giant producer meets him later, then he can give up his threats in the world cinema. But here, even fifty percent of his thinking could not get on the screen.

In terms of acting, this film is a children’s film. The better work that Girish Malik took from these children, Sanjay Dutt and Rahul Dev have not been able to do the impressive work. Age has started appearing on Sanjay Dutt’s face and he also starts looking tired after doing long scenes. His familiar energy is no longer visible in front of the camera. Rahul Dev should avoid such characters now. Repeatedly playing such a character may be his financial helplessness, but by doing so, he is putting a question mark on his career. Nargis Fakhri did the job for which she was hired in the film, she would not have expected more than that.

There is nothing in the film’s cinematography that you find extra impressive. The location is such that if you shoot anything there, it will be panoramic. In order to keep the treatment of the film a little realistic and better camera movements were necessary. The effect of the film would have been better if Dilip Dev had kept the length of this film to less than two hours. The background music of the film has not been able to keep pace with the sensitivity of the story. However, the hard work of Bikram Ghosh and Vikram Montrose is reflected in this.

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Movie Review: Torbaaz
Artists: Sanjay Dutt, Rahul Dev, Nargis Fakhri, Gavi Chahal, Rahul Mitra, Kunwarjeet Chopra, Priyanka Verma, Vansh Sayani etc.
Director: Girish Malik
OTT: Netflix

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