October 28, 2020

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How can I download Tiki Taka full movie online?

How can I download Tiki Taka full movie online?

Tiki Taka Movie Review: The story of a Taxiwala, Raju whose specialty is that he gives a place to new couples in the crowded city

Parambrata Chatterjee holds the new responsibility of cinema in the family of Mahasweta Devi and Ritwik Ghatak. Recently he appeared in the film ‘Bulbul’. Hindi cinema audiences started recognizing him from Sujoy Ghosh’s film Kahani. He does an amazing job. The director seems to have inherited them. In the film ‘Tiki Taka’, he slowly blows the trumpet of Bhadralok in West Bengal. This film tries to bring out the bitter but true truth of a culture, within which only few people from outside world have penetration. He throws it out of the lining from side to side, and by doing so, all the secrets of Bengali Bhadra folk come down. The story of the film and its storytelling is particularly suited to those who understand satire.

The story of the film is the story of Raju Taxiwale, whose specialty is that it gives new couples a place in the crowded city for the rare work that is needed by everyone but they are hidden under cover of decency. The case takes a hair pin turn from where two teenagers come to Raju to help make the film and he considers them like his regular client. But, after increasing the exposure of the camera, the actual color correction in the story takes place with the entry of Khelchi. Khelchi is not what people see. And, who he is, the people of Bhadralok cannot see. Yes, those who run his real business have understood the game. There are many misunderstandings in the story, there is a taunt of drugs business and there is a tremendous temper of football.

Parambrata has so far made nine films as a director. Two films are in various stages of his production as a director. Tiki Taka is his ninth film as a director. After wooing the linguistic audience, ‘Tiki Taka’ has been released globally by ZEE5. The story being universal, immediately touches the audience of the Hindi belt. This is a new form of Comedy of Errors and Parambrata himself has changed his color on screen to fill in this form. Emona’s companionship feels like icing on the bed for them. In ‘Tiki Taka’, Parambrata used the Bengali background in the story as Priyadarshan did in the background of Maharashtra by portraying Baburao in ‘Heraferi’.

In terms of acting, the film attracts ‘Tiki Taka’. Especially the scenes with Parambrata and Emona are awesome. Parambrata is seen moving towards creating some new paradigms in the coming days in terms of acting. Parambrata, who is usually an easygoing character, has experimented something new with his character this time. An actor should also keep challenging himself like this. Shashwach Chatterjee, who was seen as Bob Biswas in the film ‘Kahaani’, once again revealed why people are his fans, his appearance on the screen makes the audience aware that something different is going to happen now. Ritabhari should be watched by the producers of Hindi cinema from this film. His next destination could be Kolkata to Mumbai.

If the film ‘Tiki Taka’ is stuck somewhere, it is its music and its dialogue, the rest of it remains the same from the beginning to the end as the films like this. For this weekend, the G5 has already gained an edge over the other OTTs by introducing ‘Forbidden Love’, the release of ‘Tiki Taka’ being a bonus.

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