April 13, 2021

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The Girl On The Train Review

The Girl On The Train Review

The Girl On The Train Review: Watch TGOTT full movie online on Netflix

From the first news of becoming a remake of the Emily Blunt starrer film ‘The Girl on the Train’, which was based on Paula Hakins novel, to the release of the film on Netflix, one thing was very good and that was the excitement of people watching this film in the last Remained for the day. Such is the reputation of good stories. It is another matter that Reliance Entertainment or Netflix still do not know how to reach the audience watching Hindi movies or series. Parineeti Chopra is scared of direct questions. Ribhu Dasgupta, who was the subject of Anurag Kashyap, has done the same schooling. But why Aditi Rao Hydari did not try to reach the fans of her Hindi belt about this film, it is a suspense like the film ‘The Girl on the Train’. The problem of the film is that it is a very well-shot film and gets boring in this affair.

In December this year, Parineeti Chopra will complete 10 years in the cinema. The 32-year-old Parineeti has done 13 films in her career so far and has not done anything special so far that she can pull a two-hour-12-second film alone on her shoulder. However, the reputation of the film’s story forces this film to be watched. Even in this affair, people watched another film of the same name on Netflix in the past, which had nothing to do with Paula Hakins nor Emily Blunt.

Parineeti Chopra’s film ‘The Girl on the Train’ starts off interesting. A black vehicle is being chased by Meera Kapoor, a lawyer for a case of type ‘Black Lives Matter’. She runs away and reaches home which is the message in the stone that came from behind, not to fight a particular case. Meera does not agree. The suspect proves to be the culprit. Meera’s husband is a doctor. Both are victims of an accident. Meera starts feeling troubled by amnesia (sleepiness). She seeks support in alcohol. And in this affair of alcohol, she gets caught in a murder case.

The biggest weakness of the film ‘The Girl on the Train’ is its background. If it is just a matter of subsidy then it is a different matter, otherwise if this story were to be made in Hindi, then it can be set in any city where suburban trains run. If Emily Blunt is the heroine of a decent story, then its setting makes foreign sense, but Parineeti Chopra? Why couldn’t the Metro route from Versova to Ghatkopar be taken for them, or if they had come to Delhi, the route from Vaishali to Connaught Place would have been perfect. Director Ribhu Dasgupta eats the first check here.

Ribhu may have been trying to make the film ‘classy’ by taking homegrown actors to foreign locales, but the theme of the film is very ‘masi’ and if the film was shot in a suburban train in an Indian city then it would be real. Seemed to be. Right now the whole atmosphere looks fake. Ribhu Dasgupta made more mistakes in direction in the film. Parineeti Chopra does not have such a character in Kuwat. She tries to act like Tabu by decorating her eyes with Kajal and sometimes by shedding it on her face, but her facial expressions do not change much.

Among the rest of the cast of the film, Avinash Tiwari has done the most accurate work. His transformation is worth seeing in the film. After ‘Laila Majnu’ and ‘Bulbul’, Avinash has gone two steps further in this film. Kirti Kulhari has done her job well without any make-up. His presence in the story gives strength to the film. If he had a couple of other characters around him, he would have been able to improve his character better. Aditi Rao Hydari is once again true to the dark character. According to him, strong characters are not written in Hindi cinema yet.

The film ‘The Girl on the Train’ is also technically a weak film. The length of the film is its biggest enemy. The correct length of the film should have been 90 minutes. There is no need for songs in the film. Wherever these songs come, they slow down the moves of the film. Editor Sangeet Varghese should have shown his skill here and after the film went to OTT, the director should have converted to shorten the duration of the film. The costume department of the film has definitely done commendable work. Parineeti, Aditi and Kirti’s costume has worked hard according to the scene. But, it does not hide the remaining flaws of the film. The film is One Time Watch. While watching, keep the remote of smart TV in hand, you can watch the movie by fast forwarding the songs and meladrama scenes.

How to watch The Girl On The Train full movie online?

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Where can I download The Girl On The Train full movie online?

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