March 8, 2021

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Soul Movie Review

Soul Movie Review

Soul Movie Review: Watch Soul full movie online on Netflix

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Whatever be the time, time passes. The year 2020 is similar. But, on the go, it is going to give such a gift of cinema, which people will remember as a classic animation film in the coming years. When I met Oscar-winning director Pete Doc at Pixar’s Emeryville studios last year, the director of films explaining life philosophies such as ‘Monsters Inc.’, ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Up’ inspired the father son’s dialogue. Told. But, this film is a story far beyond that. And, Pete may have been looking for references in the religious stories of his country from Israel to this, but this film is completely Hindustani.

How does the soul prepare to get a body before it lives and after leaving the body, where would it like to go, would it want to go happily without fulfilling its dream of life? Welcome, to a film that you can watch with the whole family in the midst of the year’s holiday. The film is a perfect five star film, but I am cutting it by half a star so that it does not get noticed.

The soul of Disney Pixar’s film Soul is its character and the way he lives. These are things beyond the stars. Where the souls go after being separated from the body. Parttime music teaser turned into full-time music teacher, who has the same desire to one day perform at a concert. One of his disciples recommends his name to New York’s biggest jazz artist. Joe gets the chance he was living for and then ..! The dog escapes which falls into the manhole. The soul is separated from its body. But he does not want to attain salvation. His soul does not want heaven. He also runs away from there and falls and reaches where souls are preparing before taking birth in a body. But, the soul will be able to go to the earth, which can find its purpose to go there! Do you remember your motive for coming to earth?

The film’s soul lives on in its screenplay and its dialogues. Mind you, this is a film of a director who has won Oscar awards for his two animation films ‘Up’ and ‘Inside Out’. The nursery that prepares souls for birth or, say, the Youth Seminar is the one that gets soul number 22. He is not interested in coming to Earth. Spirits from Mahatma Gandhi to Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa could not teach him the purpose of being born. But who? Through Joe’s character, Pete’s doctor explains to the world running behind celebrities that inspiration can be around us. Instead of wasting time seeking inspiration from others, it is important to reflect on how we ourselves can become the inspiration of others. It is also necessary to explain such things in modern ‘Bhaktikal’. It is also here that Pete explains that whatever is going on above is not fully proof. Mistakes can happen there.

The film ‘Soul’ is an offering from Pixar Animation Studio, ie all of its animation is made on computer. Pete doctors have been working in this company for the last thirty years. They are working diligently. The company is building his career. I often listen to an audio recording of what I met him in Pixar Studios for the film Soul. That too is no less than a philosophy of life. The soul of ‘Soul’ is that it is useless to live without any purpose and to spend life to achieve that purpose is to love oneself. And, even if it is not possible, it is not a great deal to bring a smile on the faces of others. When he meets with the saloon he talks to soon after getting his first concert, the dialogue between the two is nothing less than a life vision.

For the animation characters of the film, Pete has also done a very good search for the voices. Jamie Foxx has given Joe Gardner his voice. Tina Fey, who became the voice of 22, is also just heard. The voices of Jamie and Tina create a perfect jugalbandi atmosphere. The music of Trent Regnor and Atticus Ross is like a character in the film. Since the film’s protagonist, Gardner, is a musician, both of them have made a wonderful contribution in making the film’s music ahead of the top.

Cinematography in animation films is also important to understand now. It is such that after the animation is created, the scene in the computer is created in the same way as shooting a normal film, then a virtual camera is taken inside it. Here is this awesome Matt Aspbury and Ian Megiben. The video editing of the film does not let its pace slow down anywhere and Kevin Knowling has taken the responsibility to make the film one go watch film.

The film released on Christmas is the best film of the year. Its main character 22 (Twenty Two) explains the film’s entire philosophy in just one line, “Don’t worry, you can’t crush a soul here.” That’s what life on earth is for. “(No need to get upset, here you cannot crush someone’s soul, it is considered the purpose of life on earth!) Is it deep, very deep!

How to watch Soul full movie online?

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Where can I watch Soul full movie online?

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Movie Review: Soul
Authors: Pete Doctor, Mike Jones, Kemp Powers
Voices: Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Questlave, Phylicia Rashad, Davyd Diggs, Angela Bassett etc.
Director: Pete Doctor
Producer: Dana Murray

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