April 16, 2021

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Silence, Can You Hear It Movie Review

Silence, Can You Hear It Movie Review

Silence, Can You Hear It Review: Watch Silence, Can You Hear It full movie online on Zee5

It has been 27 years since Manoj was seen on the big screen for the first time. Since then, he has been living every moment in cinema. Cinema has been making them glow. Lala of Bihar is a cherished actor of the country. The government has recently given him the National Film Award for Best Actor for the film ‘Bhosle’. The artist, who has been fascinated by the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival Award, distributed in the streets of Mumbai, can hardly understand the value of this honor, but Manoj has done so three times. For those who work in cinema, every new film of theirs is a lesson, to improve cinema and to take ourselves two steps further. Aban Bharucha is not a well known name of Devahans cinema. But, seeing her film ‘Silence, Can You Hear It’, she seems to have a lot of talent and if she works on good screenplays, she can establish herself in Hindi cinema during the era of a great film director.

The film ‘Silence, Can You Hear It’ Come, Find the Killer is the kind of film. In English it is called ‘Who Done It’. I consider Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s film ‘Khamosh’ to be the criterion of such Hindi films. Can a suspense thriller force the audience to sit on the corner of the seat until the end, can its actors bring theatricality to the stories while looking normal, and is the film’s technical team also working on the same wavelength at which Is the director cool? The film ‘Silence, Can You Hear It’ is probably not meant to be tightened up to these criteria. People know Aban more as an actress. She has made ‘T Spoon’ as a director. In her new film, she has been able to write a mediocre screenplay in the Kaul Kaun category in which she is focused on not letting the killer’s identity be revealed until the end.

Usually, this is what happens when you watch a killer who type of film, then the director seems to be trying to put every other character in front of him as a possible murderer. The only suspense thriller to overcome this formula is victory. The story is about the murder of a girl who stayed overnight at a leader’s house. Avinash is an honest and rude police officer. If he gets a case, then the rider along with him says that whatever work you do, just bring the result in the desired manner within a week. But the first thing is that officers like Avinash have now become an endangered species of khaki. In the era when Khauk’s Ruab village should not even accept the Lapuzhanna type henchmen of the countryside and settle the quarrel who reached to settle the quarrel, in that period, maintaining the character of Khaki is more difficult than climbing Everest. However, Manoj Bajpayee’s acting plays exactly like the cooker’s whistle in such characters.

Secondly, Manoj is seen in the role of ACP revolving around the heat of pressure and the inner lava. It is another matter that when he eats the tawny, then the temple flies to him, but his performance is still a foreword for those standing outside Mukesh Chhabra’s office. It seems as if the great Pratap of ‘Shul’ has reached here after getting promotion but it is not revenge at all. The same rapture, the same shimmer and the same look on his face. Yes, the eclipse of age looks like, but keep in mind that the name is Avinash’s character. This film can be seen only for Manoj Bajpayee.

In the film ‘Silence, Can You Hear It’, nothing else leaves its special impact. Prachi Desai is definitely retaining her beauty and looking at them also gives a different kind of feeling. But these types of characters are not for him. In the middle of the story, it seems that for some time, she will not take Avinash astray. But, the matter remains constant. Shishir Sinha is made for such characters only. It does not seem that they will need any kind of rehearsal etc. For Arjun Mathur, this character could have been the turning point of his career but he has become a victim of overacting. Barkha Singh is slowly moving towards the place where fame is watching her path. She has completed her expansion on TV, web and social media, this expansion just needs a tight lead character.

The challenges of bringing the audience to themselves before the film are also thousand. With the weekend coming, so much has started coming on OTT every week that the audience spends half the weekend deciding what to see and what not to see. The film ‘Silence, Can You Hear It’ misses out on being a great suspense and thriller film. Had the film been just 90 minutes, it would have been an amazing film. It is important for those who release films on OTT to understand that a spectator entering a theater with a family or friend by buying tickets, popcorn, cannot run away. The flop also comes out only after completing the film. All he has to do is press the remote key on the OTT.

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Movie Review: Silence, Can You Hear It
Artists: Manoj Bajpayee, Prachi Desai, Arjun Mathur, Shishir Sinha, Sahil Vaid, Denzil Smith, Barkha Singh etc.
Writer, Director: Aban Bharucha Devhans

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